Monday, May 10, 2010


yippee for surprises!
ed was so sweet yesterday to drop me off in front of anthropologie
for moms day and give me an envelope with some cash to pick out my present.
i had one hour, and believe it or not i never left that one store.
too many options and ways i could go.
kitchen goodies, paper treats, clothes, accessories, bathroom stuff?
what to do.
so after being sure they were going to kick me out for reaching my time limit in the store, i settled on this pencil case. this lovely little notebook.
(it says at this moment am i drawing to remember or to erase)
and this one and only pair of red shoes
on the sale shelf.
i figured i should get something fun i would not normally get.
and they are indeed fun,
and oh so comfortable.
thank you ed for such a treat!

i also treated my mom to this bag
i created for her sewing patterns and projects.
it was a simple natural colored canvas fabric with an added white ruffle for good measure.

and i filled it with this uber-fun file folder pockets
that have all sorts of spots for you to write notes/project titles, etc.
i do dig the organizey stuff.
i just get all giddy with excitement when entering an office supply or organizing store.
i know, im such a geek.

and then,
i was graced with these
bunch of peonies
from my own mother.
i can not stop smelling them.

as much as i adore the newspaper wrap i wanted to keep em alive
so now they are living in my favorite white vase on the farm table
creating daily smiles as i pass by them.
really nothing better than giant peonies.

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