Tuesday, June 24, 2008

summertime blues...

so the title of this blog sound sad but really it is not my current sentiment. i was just thinking lately how summertime is such a dull, quiet, blasted hot time...when not one eats at Palatte, and all can seem low but in reality lately I have just been overwhelmed with thanks for the wonderful family of three that I am in right now. everyday it never ceases to excite me and make me smile from ear to ear when i see Ruby's bobbly, smiley, sleeply little head pop in in Ed's arms to the restaurant as Im putting pastries in the case. sometimes she hasnt made it out of her pj's or sometimes Ed may have spent his entire morning plotting out her cute outfit for the day....meanwhile forgetting to perhaps comb his own hair...:) anyhow, no matter how challenging it all is, wondering why we put so much effort into our food and Matt's Big B still gets the best of everything; ultimately I really just feel blessed to have been given what I have. so in the midst of summertime blues, I stay focused on the next cutest thing Ruby might do to make me giggle (such as screaming loudly and smiling before off to bed now at night), or whatever it is that God has given. thats all for now; i am terrible at keeping up with this blog thing...i'll have to get better.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

dress up

so i came to the realization the other day at ed's brother's house (b-day party for the kids) that all parents don't play dress up with their new babies. i just love those awkward moments when i am fully aware that our weirdness is coming out in public, ed is oblivious and still on the subject which may or may not be freaking out those listening, and i am silently observing while giggling inside. so we somehow got on the topic of how fun it is to dress up Ruby...in her cute bathing suit with matching sunglasses...as an old bag lady with pearls and all...and recently in a white onesie/leapord print bikini on top of that/socks up to her knees/ and hat and necklaces.....this outfit had no name but resulted in such an intense amount of laughter that Ruby pulled out the sad lip; you know the one...the lower lip comes out and you cant help but laugh. so no pics of that last outfit b/c I felt so bad about it i had to remove it quickly and give Ruby some squeezes since we were gettin out of hand. we just like to keep it real. peace out.