Wednesday, September 30, 2009

lucy and ruby

Wow, Finn you are such an amazing photographer. You must take after your Mom. I had the fun surprise of finding these on my camera after Finn and Lucy sped away in their mean slug bug convertable. Crazy how their mom lets them out all on their own. Thanks for the great play date guys! Ruby is so lucky to have such a silly, girly, funny little cousin. I love how much fun they can have together being goofy girls. Nothing like glasses, mom's old purses, shoes and wallets to let them have a good time.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

sparkly pumpkins

i've had this itch to glitter up some pumpkins, and since today was grocery day, i was actually super excited to go to safeway to pick up these cute baby pumpkins. Ruby and I spent the afternoon covered in glue, glitter, and lovely weather outside on our front porch. Needless to say I dont think John Bird will becoming to visit our house ever again, as I think our house had been permenantly glitterfied. boy did we have fun though. Ruby followed it up with some dirt digging. nothing like a messy girl.

downward dog

after setting up these hopscotch tiles she wanted me to put down, apparently that gave her the idea that they were some sort of exercise mat. she does this move in her bed a lot when she is in silly mode. not sure what spurred it on today. but seriously check out that form. she didnt learn it from me, and definitely not ed.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

book graphics

our dear friend, James, has been working on a children's book featuring miss Ruby as the main character. here is a sneek peek at her with her blanket. i love the crazy hair. i hope he doesnt mind that i am sharing, but i just had to share some of it because it is too fun!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

what happens when i'm cooking

faces faces faces while im trying to make meals. i must say, she really does make me laugh out loud a lot. just earlier she was trying on yet another pair of shoes and they were too slippery on the carpet so she just kept sliding and could not stand up, and being the terrible mother that i am i just fell into hysterical laughter while she continuously pursed the shiny shoes. yes, she is only 18 months and she is kind of in love with shoes. how is it possible for that to happen so young? boy are we in trouble.

oh, that is the kitchen cabinet. in case you were wondering.

little imitator

so we got this little kid toilet just to be ready...needless to say i have not really tried it. Ruby just likes to sit on it and be part of the fun. so here is what her dad taught her. nice, really nice. and yes that is the sports section; what else?