Wednesday, June 27, 2012

fathers day.

a little back tracking. with one day to go and the start of labor
that day before father's day, i tried to pretend all was as normal
and that we would indeed make it through father's day. 
we made a silly sign; the kids were so proud of, 
and baked a coffee cake...and filled the fridge with food. 
that way i thought things might speed along. 
little did i know i was in for a long night, day, and another night
before mikey decided to show up. 
anyhow, we were able to celebrate again with the whole fam
 the next weekend and that worked out even better!
Cheers to Dads!

Monday, June 25, 2012

summertime eats.

so i am apparently currently craving an abundance of vegetables
at the moment. in an attempt to find some summertime
food inspiration i came up with this desired meal...
now to find the energy...
this tasty salad full of crunch looks outstanding
ricotta gnocchi and fresh fava beans
and of course dessert

despite the heat.

never mind the insane temps here in phx. 
we try to find out way outside, 
with trips to the pool, playing excessively in the hose and sprinkler,
a popsicle here and there. 
just gotta get in that vitamin d. and keep the kids 
from getting crazy inside!
and then there is a lot of staring out the window....
perhaps hoping for more outside-ness?

Friday, June 22, 2012

welcome mikey!

so believe it or not, i am not pregnant anymore....
after several "you've been pregnant for.eve.eer."comments,
michael patrick mchale
did indeed arrive on june 18th around 4am at a whopping 
7 lbs. 10.8 oz

he has been welcomed home with much more love
than i could ever wish for. 
the kids are over the moon for him.
we hear a lot of this from declan:
'i want to hold him'...'i just love my mikey' or sudden bursts of laughter
at anything 'his baby' happens to do.
ruby can not get enough either; tons of snuggle up time and gazing at him, 
singing him songs, holding and loving on him. 

i must say, the transition is much easier than i had expected 
and a truly beautiful experience. 
one happy crazy family here! 
minus the occasional ruby/declan fights....haha.