Wednesday, August 26, 2009

happy print

this little flyer just made me happy and want to own a printing press so i could dabble in letterpressing...what an amazing art!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

gi joe and pregnant giggles

the other day Ed took his (11 or 12 yr old) nephew to see the new gijoe movie and last minute decided he should be funny and show up dressed up as one himself. i of course encouraged this and ended up rolling on the couch uncontrollably laughing. ruby looked a bit concerned at my hysterics; it is either that or she decides to throw out some loud fake laughs herself.

i dont know what it is, but it happened when i was pregnant with ruby quite often; when i am pregnant i get the rather super rediculous uncontrollable giggles and it hits the point where i can hardly catch my breath. Ed always tells me 'breathe!' but it can be difficult. i guess it doesnt help when you have a husband who really makes you laugh.
clearly more fun is had when 'daddy' is home and not at work. oh to weekends!

makin tiny clothes

so ive had a bit of a sewing itch lately and am convinced even though i have weak sewing skills and never took real lessons/classes i can figure this out with the easy shortcuts and cute fabric today. i must admit i have moments of yelling at the machine with the thread keeps flying out of the needle or the one time the needle just snapped on me......could it be that i never change it even after sewing through much paper and thick fabrics...oh perhaps!
anyhow, the pictures of the gathered peasant looking dressing ruby is wearing are made of Ed's shirts. i found this great tutorial at
some kinks are still being worked out but its all a learning process. ruby clearly loves being my little model. just today she was finally posing for the camera after getting over just wanting to take the beeping piece of electronics out my hands.

this one i just made up...just a long dress with elastic at the top...kind of like a long skirt pulled up. can be scandalous though when she pulls on it too much and pulls it down. perhaps better straps.

prescott and jerome

so over the weekend we decided to head out of the heat for a lovely sunday drive up to prescott and jerome on the way home. it was in the 80's but that's pretty amazing compared to phx weather. we just soaked in the lovely breezes sitting in the park, and going on walks. ruby loved being able to discover etc. all in all a nice getaway. and no we didnt brave an attempt at an obama sighting in the grand canyon.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

i wish this girl had a cd...i'd buy it

shelley on youtube makes me happy with her little old fashioned voice:)