Monday, May 17, 2010

been busy

busy watching this guy.
he's determined to eat chairs, get caught on things,
try to pull himself up higher onto whatever possible,
and army crawl with all his might and speed.
yes, not yet 6 months (that comes on the 20th) and this guy is on the go!gotta love him.
i try not to eat him up.

and this little lady.
insists on being called 'big' and not 'cute'
b/c apparently cute means little?
not sure.
she is sporting some pretty sweet undies lately.

attending many a bithday party.

never ceasing to make me laugh.

oh, and i finally finished this pillow i was working on.
yikes, dec is not happy right now.
gotta go. be back.

1 comment:

jack, lucy and finn said...

not sure how you resist eating that guy...
i would have devoured him by now.
sweet, sweet pictures all around.