Monday, August 25, 2008

aunt emily came over to play....bath time....dress party...and then ruby passed out:)

visit to the art museum

i decided to take ruby on her first museum visit...and dad met us up there. the fireflies (a dark room full of mirrors and hanging you feel like your in space/eternity of lights) were the favorite. i personally got stuck on the fashion exhibit and kept wondering why i didnt go into fashion as a profession. i guesss too many skinnys and too may gays for me to handle.
New art museum is pretty fancy though. I cant wait to make it to the Science and Childrens Museum next.

our first fruit! our little pear tree actually sprouted this! so proud:)

rather content checking out the garden

Just watching mom and dad garden (ie. pull grass and weeds out of our planter) in the hot hot sun. Her little Guatemalan hat from her favorite buddy Ray (a regular customer of ours who loves to travel and bring back presents) finally fits! I thought it was so big but I guess her head is growing faster than I realized. Man time flies!