Saturday, May 8, 2010

isnt she lovely?

this lady.
that is my mother.
she is simply the best.
i consider myself truly blessed to have been graced with the mother that i do have.
she has given me:
endless memories, love, care, concern, open ears, delicious meals,
suprise birthday parties, encouragement to call that guy i married,
a fabulous sense of style,
the umph and gall to consider culinary school,
so many wonderful creative moments rearranging my home,
fabulous brainstorming,
the strength to be a mother even when im sure i dont know what im doing,
random suprise presents,
grace and beauty to admire,
the 'go ahead' its ok to cry so many times,
finally a sister,
the best advice,
my faith,
and the list could go on and on.
lets just say
to this amazing mother!

thank you mom,
and a happy mother's day
to all of you mothers out there!
may your day be ever so relaxing, delicious, and wonderful.

1 comment:

jack, lucy and finn said...

so sweet.
and she is definitely one of the best.