Thursday, March 31, 2011

to the beach.

so i've been having some fun on the other blog
i work on with emily 
doing collages here and there. 
go check it out for fun if you have not yet. 
soon we'll have a new awesome header 
that our good friend james is creating. 
its going to be pretty awesome, so get excited!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


two cute little ladies had quite a bit of fun
attending a rockin fashion show 
over the weekend.
had me wishing i could attend a few more.
boy are they fun. also has me missing 
project runway
when is that show coming back?
anyone know? cant wait.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


my husband happened upon this darling vintage boutique,
also including a hair salon on central over the weekend.
i can not wait to go back and try on some of the 
very affordable vintage frocks and perhaps a necklace 
and a watch or two.
just makes me happy to know that phoenix is getting 
better all the time. 
ps. how cozy is that swinging chair? oh, and my camera
did not do it justice, but you simply must go check out the
counter in the place. it is amazing. i will just leave it up
to you to go visit for yourself.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

jellyfish park.

at least that is what we refer to it. ruby calls it a jellyfish, 
some call it a tornado. so any way you have it, 
this has become a great place to hang out after grabbing 
a coffee at the market.
perfect grass, little hills, good downtown views, 
a stage to dance on, bathrooms nearby and 
even a water fountain to play in.
dec made it home in high fashion in his stroller 
dressed in a dry diaper and sweatshirt only, sound asleep.
once again, another fun downtown adventure.

a little 'simon says'
{a new fave game of declan's}

soaked to the bone.
{and for all interested in great water features to play in scape has the best one ever...
so take your kids there one afternoon, 
and call me so i can meet you.}

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

long walks.

having a car that doesnt work really is not all too bad. 
as long as its not summer, i will take long walks
in pretty sunshine and slightly chilly weather for as 
long as i can. i also kind of enjoy the creativity
it enforces on me. 
currently brainstorming good easter presents to make.
any good ideas? 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

i just love parties.

a little recap of the festivities:
so we started the day with the big bday 
video, followed by french toast and 
present opening.

we spent the afternoon decorating for the 
little soiree the next day on our front porch, 
where ruby refused to nap and thus
fell asleep on the glider out front.

we had some fancy pink cake that evening,
picnic-ing in the back yard.

one. two. three.

and the following morn
we awoke to a little bday breakfast
with some fancy princesses.
{for kids}
waffles.whip cream and berries.
{for big kids}
eggs en cocotte and bacon.
coffee and juice.

all in all it was much fun.
will admit i was pretty tired in the end.
turning 3 is so darn cute though.

my egg recipe for anyone interested:

preheat oven to 375.
heat water in tea kettle.
fill ramekins with about 2 T. heavy cream.
crack two eggs in each ramekin.
sprinkle with salt and pepper.
sprinkle with finely chopped fresh chives.
top with hefty handful of grated greuyere cheese.
place on sheet pan and pour hot water onto
half way up sides of ramekins.
bake about 45 min's. depending on how
well cooked you want them.

Monday, March 21, 2011

too much.

what looks like one of the cutest and 
sweetest books ever. 
a cute crafty mom with 8 kids? 
go watch the video and maybe buy 
me a copy of the book here. hehe.

welcome monday.

so what a truly beautiful weekend it was here! the weather
has been so incredibly perfect, and even slightly chilly
after a pretty warm week. i guess you could say the 
weather really makes life better for me...esp. when it 
means a lot of time spent chilling on the front porch. 

we had a very nice and successful birthday saturday morning
(which i will share pics of later).
i think breakfast parties are maybe my favorite...
the beauty of the morning and the possibilities
for fun and delicious food ideas are just a great 

hope you had a lovely weekend
and your monday is off to a beautiful start!
ps. doesn't dec look cute popping out the window?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

kids room inspiration.

love that mobile and grey paint done just so. 
i shall work on my paper crane making skills.
{found via pinterest}

love that wall color. that bed in its simplicity,
the floors and just the general color scheme. 
if only i had an unlimited supply of paint on hand.  
{found via first home via pinterest}

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

the first party.

that is, miss ruby is turning three on friday
and so we are doing a birthday breakfast on sat., 
yet she is one lucky lady 
and was blessed with a pretty awesome night
including lots of fun cousins...
and she ended up with the dreamiest of presents: 
a dress up chest. 

she is so loved.

and flower picking.

dressing up in the new digs.

isnt it so cheery!

mr. balloon lover. ball?

miss sassafrass, the queen of fun
{who did us the honor of a sleepover
and was such a blast to have around; 
my kids love her!}

the scene of the dress up madness.

and dec exploring the yard.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

st. patrick's day.

definitely a highlight of last weekend: 
the annual st. paddy's day whoopla
in which a whole pub facade is made in my brothers driveway.

green beer. darts. live music. lots of little kids dancing.
jumping houses. and irish kisses for sale. 
it was one to remember, once again! 
thanks guys for an awesome party!

this guy had one too many green waters i guess.