Monday, January 6, 2014

bike riding.

with the lovely winters we have around here, and a nice break from school, these guys have been partaking in their fair share of bike rides. dec in particular could ride forever it seems. i cant blame him. it is one of my favorite things. 
btw, ruby's extra gear is b/c she received roller skates for christmas...needless to say she has a ways to go before they are actually rollin. haha.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

hunting for a tree. christmas part II.

the old evening whitfill nursery tree hunting tradition. 
one of my favortie things....
the warm fire, the endless cookies, the anticipation of a tree, 
the smell of fresh pine, and all the happy faces. 
simple but wonderful. part I.

 rolling out sugar cookies.

 full of determination.

 being the messiest, i resorted to letting her wear my apron dress, as she manages to get it EVERYWHERE, mostly on the sleeves and in her hair. 

 "why did dad give me this sharp knife to spread....and what am i doing?"

 notice the uber sprinkled green star by dec

taking it very seriously as always. no really.