Tuesday, May 18, 2010

down by the tracks

you'd never have guessed that one of our favorite spots
would happen to be down by the train tracks.
many a photo shoot has occured here....engagement pics, squints, and so on.
a while back, brainstorming for a project i am working on with my mom and emily,
i thought, hey, we should have an urban picnic...
just pack up the car with some of our favorite bright colored things,
(i do love color!)
good food,
lay out a vintage tablecloth
and just picnic right in the city. so you never would've guessed it but phx is one happening city my friends.
i found that old bike YEARS ago
at one of my old stomping grounds,
which unfortunately i really only see driving by from the car these days.

lets just pretend we were actually in paris.
this photo could deceive you right?
someday we'll go back to that city of magic and wonder,
you and me ruby...when you grow up.
just as long as youre nice
and say please.

1 comment:

jokemijn said...

beautiful pictures! discovered you through seesaw. You definitely got the Paris atmosphere there :)