Thursday, May 6, 2010

little things

its those little things that i love.

like this old shiny change purse i found at an outdoor flea market on a super cold blustery day when i lived in ny. i love how it jiggles and feels so smooth on your hands. i love that it reminds me of that day i walked all over the city and kept stopping for warmth and bathroom breaks in coffee shops, and strongly considered buying one of those rediculous fur coats to stay warmer at the market. i like to think that someone really glamorous owned it before me and carried it to the theater and out to the best dinners. i love all my old books i once read, that all remind me of a place i once lived. graham greene
will always remind me of dc, hemingway of highschool and summers during college,
jaques pepin of swooning over him at cooking school,
all my old theology books of school and how i used to be so smart,
c.s. lewis of pretty much everywhere,
p.g. wodehouse of paris,
and the list goes on.
i love feeling beatiful, like when you dress up for your
birthday and get to go out with your husband.
(this pillow found via mary ruffle)

i love the feeling of 'letting go' this photo conveys.
i want to be here, on a picnic of course.
(image found via audrey hepburn complex)

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