Monday, August 30, 2010

a perfect porch

probably one of my most treasured spaces or features
of this old home is the dear front porch.
i would live on it if only it were not for two things:
nice weather and a baby boy who
will surely go tumbling down the steps.
other than that, i really simply love it.
most especially when it rains and we can eat dinner outside
and be under the down pour
enjoying pizza, cervesas and that general happiness in the
feeling of a weekend.
the rain unfortuately doesnt pour long here
so we ran in it for a bit while it lasted.
yes i was running barefoot up and down the street splashing
in puddles.
it was grand.
i guess ruby and i's song
'rain rain come today....'
sung often with newly added rhyming lyrics
here and there might have finally worked.
and p.s.
did you know this is how princesses walk?
holding their dresses so?
yes it is true.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

paris family style

how great does this book look?
check that on the never ending list of books i'd like
to order online.
found on the little circus

Thursday, August 19, 2010

a few changes

ive been wanting to make this change
for a while now,
and although it is not exactly as i had hoped...
it is super cozy for now.
the kids room is rather a play room now
and the closet is ruby's bedroom.
it needs some work
but im pretty happy with the quick fix for now.

and i added this
little chalkboard
over the toilet.
it was sporadic but a cute little touch.
and i can change what it says whenever.

qu'est que tu pensee?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

chop salad

had this for dinner over the weekend.
i guess you could also call it...'whats in the fridge salad'
because in my opinion when things are chopped up
small and mixed with creamy dressing you are good to go.
my mom has been making it all summer
and i can not get enough of it.
i just used what i had on hand so it was
chopped spinach
red onion
feta cheese
dried cranberries
white corn
and shredded chicken
with a buttermilk dressing
and some pita chips
since i couldnt find any bread in our hood.
i didnt happen to take any lovely pics
of the two burnt trays that preceded this batch.
yes, i burn things.
and set some things on fire.
thats what happens when you sit down.
you get too relaxed.

Monday, August 16, 2010

refreshing and awe inspiring

an abundance of ever so lovely photos
go feast your eyes on many more.
i am so inspired.
and luckily i can pick up on some of the french...its lovely.

i'll be coming over soon to play and have coffee.
oh, and to make some of those
polka dot bloomies.
{blog found via poppytalk}

Sunday, August 15, 2010

home ec

what to do stuck indoors so much...what to do....
just keep making new little spaces with stuff you already have
so you feel happy with the new and different space
i made a cozy little corner and arranged it oh so nicely
to add on to the little kitchen set up we already had going.
ruby was super excited when i showed her
and now continually throughout the day
tells me she is going off to cook
in 'my restaurant'
which usually involves her pretending to make something
and then throwing that pretend 'cake' or 'soup'
across the room at me.
what service.
im pretty sure i dont throw the toast across the room
for breakfast so im not sure where this
lacidasical attitude on manners and service came from.

you should see the number little dec can do on this
set up in no time.

you want what with that?
no substitutions.
and cash only please.

and then you can make your way into our real kitchen
where the new 'shuguh' bowl
recently became a water vessel.
i decided why fight it
and so i gave her a straw.
classy....but at leasy no boogies.

Monday, August 9, 2010

summer berries

what to do with those summer berries
before they leave us?

perhaps make these triple chocolate cookie
and strawberry ice cream sandwiches
or perhaps give this delicious
treat a try for a light crowd pleaser.
just invite me over when you do so.
because i dream of having it more than i should.
or maybe there is a special occasion
and you need to wow, so go for this
cake that makes me happy just thinking about its
decadence dancing away.
cheers to a little bit more
of summer left before its back to school!
can you believe it is here already?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


over the weekend i made some playdough
from a recipie the childrens museum had
on ruby's bday.
so its taken me that long to make it...i know.
i luckily had some peppermint extract on hand
so that made playing with it a little better than
the usual playdough go.
{oh, and noted...i forgot the cream of tartar,
and it worked out fine. after a couple days
it started getting pretty sticky though.}

have fun and enjoy....if you have little hands in the house.
homemade playdough
4c. flour
2c. salt
4 c. water
8 t. cream of tartar
6 T. oil
food coloring
peppermint extract (optional)
mix together in a large saucepan. cook until it holds together and pulls away from pan. cool and knead. (note: you need mom muscles to stir this up. its kinda weird. and i only made a half batch and it was plenty).

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


looking for a good place to find some sweet goods
for the stylin kids in your life?
or for that matter mothers?
this place rocks.
its consignment, so you hand over your old goods
in exchange for something else.
not all used either.
some new and some hand crafted.
beyond clothes, there are great shoes,
furniture, and you name it.
best idea ever.
and, i have heard they have a sweet craft fair.
its always a good time shopping
when you dont have to spend any money...technically.
it used to be buffalo exchange for me...back in the day.
now that im a mom, this hits the spot.
hope your have a lovely week!

wanna make one

i really want to sew up one of these lovelies.
and then fill it up with travel goodies
for when i travel from my bathroom to my kids bathroom.
that would be about the extent of travel
in my life.
i guess it would make a nice makeup bag right?
you know what i love about you blog is how i
can pretend for a minute there are no dishes in the sink,
no laundry to be done
(ruby may be out of undies)
no messes to be picked up
no early morning to be woken up to.
just crafts to to take...and dreams to be had.
its fun pretending.
just like being 2 again.
and then i wake up.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

justing playin

she is 'justing' doin a lot of things lately.
some sweet.
some not.
if only she knew i was polishing off the ice cream
right now, she'd attack me.
i just heard..." awake"
oh really?
didnt you just go to bed about five minutes ago?
let it also be known that 'bobby' was prayed for tonight.
that is 'jack n lucy bobby'. oh, ok. of course.
just wait until both of them are talking.
then i am really in trouble.
i have a feeling those two are going to do a number on me,
or will i have renewed stamina and energy as they get older?
eh, probably not.
oh no. who dat cryin?