Friday, June 12, 2009

redone chair

i finally got around to 'reupholstering' this ugly chair. we had painted them black a while back and i've always meant to do something fun to them. so bit by bit Im making them better. 2 out of 4 so far. the staple gun, hammer and nails arent exactly perfect for naptime noises!
the fabric is from ikea by the way. gotta love ikea!

small spaces

so while getting etc....I often find Ruby doing this below me. She likes to tear apart the cupborad and show me all her exciting finds. i did try to organize it once only to later decide that was a hopeless cause. get over it lady!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

by the way

pictures later....but for anyone who did not know for some reason yet, i am four months pregnant. due in mid november. yeah! and we are 95% sure from our last ultrasound that it may be a boy. so i couldnt be more excited! a challenge it will be but i am super excited for Ruby to have a buddy so close; she needs a pal to boss around besides me.
i go in for a fancier ultrasound on monday so pray that all is good and healthy.

little helper in the kitchen

ok, so not really a helper; rather more of a mess maker and demanding snaker. she just can not stand being down below and out of sight while i cook. i guess i understand. she just wants to be a part of it all and see what im up to. pushing the coffee grinder button with me is a big hit.
so yes, i let her sit on this tiny little space on the counter and live in danger. i have recently moved the toaster, since she just couldnt resist trying to get her own toast out. live and learn sometimes.
i have recently requested from ed to build me and island just like the ones at the swim school (made out of plastic piping). i saw a wooden one in some kids magazine or maybe it was online, so they can stand next to you and help, or mess things up .... whatever makes them let you make dinner i say...whatever works and counts them in.

sundays and mondays

my favorite days. the days that ed isnt working and ruby gets to have some one on one dad time. you can see the happiness in her face. well actually she makes a lot of rediculous silly smilely faces...esp. early in the general. she is one quirky silly lady.

on a side note, arent pig tails just the cutest...even if they are slightly haggard and off as they always are on crazy pants. i just love that she actually sits there and lets me put them in and then proudly goes to show ed how pretty she is with a big smile.

avid reader

so this little lady is completely obsessed with reading books....well more like mom or dad reading her books. it can be dangerous with those sharp corners when you get one in your face while lying there taking a rest sometimes.
anyhow, this is pretty much what she wants to do most of the day, besides play in some form of water, be it the pool, the hose (which she thinks is really funny to spray at me and then laugh when i yelp and get all wet), or various bubbly fountains.
so the books she is most obsessed with? "go do go" hit the charts at numero uno, then there is "ten apples up on top", "i'll teach my do 100 words", and "goldie locks has chicken pox". ei yi yi....i have most of them memorzied and i just might hide some sometimes. thank goodness for the endless supply at the library.
and can you believe it, she actually sits through the 'sneeches' and thinks its funny. what a goof.