Friday, January 27, 2012

i heart.

this bag from le souk has me very excited for 
valentines. i know it is next month but i just 
had to share its cuteness...
would love to carry one of these off to the 
beach and getaway!
cheers to the weekend!

Monday, January 23, 2012


we recently picked quite a few lemons from my parents tree. 
nobody seemed interested, and oh how i do love lemons. 
so ruby and dec helped me squeeze and pour juice, 
then we shook up some rather delicious fresh lemonade
one afternoon last week. i really want to try it with honey 
next time. 
best part was ruby's hard working facial expressions
 as she pulled down the lever and said gleefully:
'this is so much fun, i just love this'.
i think the flowery vintage apron made 
it all the more exciting.
on the list this week is maybe some lemon curd with all 
the extra juice. i saw some pretty awesome lemon
meringue cupcakes on pinterest involving lemon curd
and toasty 7 min frosting i'd love to try. 

Friday, January 20, 2012

tid bits.

sweet midcentury home tour in mesa, az to gaze at.
here is a fun idea (scroll down a bit) for faux smocking 
using elastic thread...not so easy to find but i intend to give it 
a go this weekend. we shall see.
i also thought this was a cool diy idea to do for a kids 
room, boy or girl. it would just look so happy. 
have a super weekend!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

i'll wash my hair with snow.

a little trip up north for us was a chilly treat.
we were even lucky enough 
to find an area with snow up the mountain 
by the lake. 
ruby was beyond thrilled to see, touch and play
with a bit of snow...and make a snowman!
it was indeed a nice little monday break
from laundry and the joys of home.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

fun with photobooth.

good times with photobooth on the computer. 
im sure you have all had a go at this. 
i kind of think it would be fun to actually print 
some of these to hang up somewhere. 
great how they hide imperfections eh?
and then it was time to get some fresh air. 

Monday, January 9, 2012

maternity clothes.

while wondering if i could possibly find 
any chic maternity patterns out there, 
i actually came across this website with quite 
a few cute ones. hooray!

and was further inspired by some happy fabrics 
over at pink chalk
just love grey and yellow. 
any good pointers for maternity patterns out there?

Friday, January 6, 2012

a bit of christmas and new years.

i seem to have a pretty pathetic selection of christmas 
pictures this year. i suppose i was rather enjoying 
the moment too much and not capturing it too much. 
never mind the awful night time pictures my cam takes; 
see above aged looking photo. 

i did need to take note though of good old Markle, 
our elf on the shelf. 
this particular morning he hid in the tree. 
it was surely amazing to me how humorous 
he was to the kids....every morning waking to the excitement
of going to find him and laughing at how silly his new spot was. 
'that silly markle...he's so tricky'....'he went to the same spot as yesterday?
now that is tricky my friends!'

a bit if art.

a happy festive mantle.

a little girl who increasingly makes faces
like my little sister. hmmm.

a too cute moment in towels.

new years eve jumping on the trampoline
and blowing horns. 

and our very fancy new years cranberry lime 
and pellegrino drink in big girl glasses.

happy new year!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

art museum wednesdays.

every once in a while there is nothing better than 
a little jaunt down to the phx art museum on free
wed nights...3pm-9pm. 
a perfect post naptime adventure for a long day
with the kids. 
oh, and yes, you can go in the dinosaur cage...
considering the lady who works inside told 
my kids to definitely go in. after i had told them
on the way in it was strictly forbidden.