Monday, May 24, 2010

im back, i think

so this past week
has been one of those challenges i would like to forget.
it started with what we thought was pink eye
and rolled into an all out body attack.
it was like one of those scary horror movies like
attack of the killer bees on your eyes
but it just wouldnt end.
the third time at the doc
and i am pretty sure we may have found a solution.
i will keep praying that that is true.
so that is where ive that i am on the up
im going to just soak up every little moment
moments with my kids, my family, cooking, crafting, and taking in the fresh air.
anyhoo, that book above?
just about the coolest.
my mom was having fun in ca and came upon these two great books.
the first: play all for children
has a great quote inside:
life's a game--lets play all day
now if only we could.
we'd make fun things like this
and have mini puppet shows

collect a bunch of pizza boxes
and make some rad forts

set up some mirrors
and do one of my old favortie games.
it never gets old.

and this is the other one:
alphabeasties and other amazing types
freakin fantastic.
a truly fabulous approach to ABC's if you ask me.

i love checking out all the different fonts
while teaching ruby abc's.

good times.

and how cute are the little side illustrations with the letters?
they'd be so cute as little prints in a bedroom.
thats all.
pray i am really actually getting better.
just want to be a good mom again.

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red ticking said...

so glad you are feeling better... sorry to hear it has been a rotten week... rest well
xx pam