Tuesday, May 4, 2010

definintely diggin

this kitchen scrubbie tutorial made with twine. seen on 3191 i knew there was a good reason i wanted to learn how to knit. lets have a party and invite a knowlegeable knitter over some good wine and cheese.

this face. which woke me up this morning telling me, once again, after we had made it downstairs, that it was dirty. she actually helped herself to the closet, got out the swifter sweeper and started pushing it all around. this was followed up with throwing it down on the ground and saying 'all done, better.'
later, i will say, she actually did help me clean and swifted for quite some time. she has a bit of my mom in her i'd say. or is it that i just clean too much?

this joyous afternoon coffee, shared along side a leftover croissant and jelly, and some much needed dance music to revel in the clean beautiful space we had created.

and lastly, these nyc blocks, which unfortunately i cannot for the life of me remember where i got the pic from. saved it a while back and now i'll have to search and see where on earth i came up with it. arent they fabulous though?


You Are My Fave said...

Those blocks are available in the moma store - http://www.momastore.org/museum/moma/ProductDisplay_New%20York%20City%20in%20a%20Bag_10451_10001_46751

mamamchale said...