Thursday, March 29, 2012


extreme excitement in parking lot...

 ooohs and awes over aurora's castle...

meeting real princesses...

loving the long lines...

pumping water on the pirate island...

a tour of mickey mouse's house...

driving the race cars...
(to which ruby let me know "oh, i really like driving")

and watching the most wonderful and exciting parade
at the end of our day....
we did not make it to fireworks; 
next time we'll have to work in a nap perhaps
(esp. for me:)


so we set off driving to ca last friday for the weekend 
visit to the beach and disneyland. 
i did not really realize it until we were there that 
i dont think we have taken any family time like that 
since ruby was one. i also can not remember much lately...
prego brain i guess. feeling generally fried. 
suffice to say, it was incredibly nice to just be together, 
play, soak up beach air and just be away from the 
chores of home for a bit. 

more pics and details later!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

happy no. 4 !!

i just cant believe she is growing up so fast on us. 
already four this past sunday!

 ruby had a pretty awesome pre-b-day celebration at 
the annual burch st. patrick's day block party, 
and followed it up by a lovely chilly rainy actual 
birthday.....presents, choc croissants, and general squeals
of excitement from her and declan. 
I do have to say it is funny to have such a little brother 
so close, who also happens to think his birthday is 
march 18, as he has told us several times. 
luckily he was able to share in the morning 
with ruby handing him a present to open. 
such love. 
cheers to another year!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

climbing hills.

at the tip top of the hill i discovered some
fun photos to be had! 
we had a little mardi gras celebration of ice cream 
and a trip to the park. yum yum butter pecan 
and lots of giggles.