Tuesday, March 30, 2010

how dreamy...

would it be to live in the city but basically on a farm? sounds lovely. and it is. our dear friend has a house with a giant backyard that feels just like a farm. chickens making fresh eggs. a goat. hammocks for babies to lounge in. sandboxes with digging toys. veggies and herbs growing. ahh, it is definitely my cup of tea over there, and a true dream land for kids to run around and play. im sure its buckets of work though. we do love to visit though. thank you sweet krista for sharing your lovely home. i always leave feeling gitty and ready to plant something at my own home!

it is most definitely the best time of year (in phx anyhow) to be outside for as long as possible. i would consider moving outside, with the exception of bugs, snakes and birds. they do get in the way.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

just for fun

a birthday wish list.... this print this book so
i can make some clothes

these 'saltwater' summery sandals
(so i can be cool like Ruby)

and one of these swimsuits
(from good ol' deliah's of
all places)

that was fun!

Friday, March 19, 2010

and a bit more on the birthday....

yum yum green cupcake for an after lunch treat a wild and crazy adventure at the childrens museum....
pretty busy for spring break but still oodles of fun!

playing in the under 3 zone...
like a wonderland of sweet quiet after all the other insanity

checking out groceries at the museum

oh, and blowing out candles of course

and so at the end of it all i decided it is truly heartwrenching to watch your little girl grow up. in some ways it makes all of the beginning stuff seem easy in comparison to the emotions you go through when you see them get older.
also many thanks to grandpa and em for stopping by and bringing cupcakes, as well as grandma and grandpa sherrick for visiting and bringing the cutest little bag of bunnies ever!! we loved seeing you all....so fun to have visitors! thank you!

haaappppy me!

well not really me, but happy birthday to Ruby! 'happy me' was what she had been saying in reference to the big day. she turned the big TWO on March 18th! we began the morning with lots of balloon...her favorite...and singing with a strawberry scone filled with two special candles.
i think she could blow out candles all day long if you let her.
and her present from us was this slide i've been wanting to get her for a while from ikea. she's still getting used to it....a little different from the park i guess, but she definitely loves spending a lot of time on it and putting anything else possible on it to slide down.

another prized present (as i knew she really wanted to open up a wrapped package) was a 'princess and the frog' nightgown. she saw it with ed and thinks the princess if fabulous, so she wore it the rest of the afternoon, to bed, and tried to sport it the next day but i told her she really needed to put on some real clothes. hmmm.

and before the day even came she was super excited to receive this rather fabulous playhouse from 'bop and gigi'. many thanks!!! she loves it and plays in it as much as possible. my favorite feature is the grill...funny.

and so we'll have to have some cousins over soon to play in the new house for sure!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

happy st. pat's!!

hope everyone is enjoying this lucky irish day! i kinda forgot to put green on declan today, but he looks good and irish with his cap on right?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

i heart cozy rainy sundays

and delicious crepes from 'monkey c'. every other sunday go check out some really delicious food at the culinary underground over in coronado (13th st and palm lane). de-lish-ous. our friends, james and lindsey have a little store/garage sale and make yum yum crepes, savory and sweet, as well as buttery bisquits and gravy. its just fun people and a general good time.

ruby and jimmy ran around in the rain giggling and screaming like big scary dinosaurs today which made it extra fun. and there were also some good times trying on jewelry and picking out a lovey airplane print we are going to use to fix up 'the closet' in the kids room for Declans room someday.

and tonight? the oscars! yeah. i can't wait for red carpet viewing. i get a little too excited. hopefully someone dares to sport some rain boot fashion.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

one of those days

just some random pics of one of those days at our old house that was just a good day. nothing to it, just running around and laughing. i wish i could put giggles in a box and open them up when i am old and grey. wouldnt that be love-i-ly?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

happy dec

what big sis calls her little brother; 'happy dec'. he is indeed happy. who wouldnt be to be so good lookin?

ruby and carrots (the doll)

while playing outback this afternoon, i just sat the doll down (who was kicking ball and climbing trees) for a rest and ruby quickly placed herself in the nearest most similar spot. arent they a pair?
this was followed up with a few ice cream dribbles down the shirt....maybe on purpose...resulting in another reason to remove the dirty shirt and send it to the wash. she seems to keep finding daily reasons to take her shirt off and then wander around playing so as to distract from putting a clean one on. i guess its being two, but i thought that was a boy thing.

move back downtown

lots of new memories to be made down here on portland st.
we are super happy to be back downtown, and have some
incredibly fantastic neighbors. lots of kids and lots of smiling
faces. nothing better than having a park, a library and a coffee
shop so darn close. we are soaking it up before the heat arrives!

old house...goodbye 2143

just some pics of our old house...

we will miss you and all the memories had there....bringing Ruby home for the first time...painting and sanding shelves very pregnant...running a restaurant...our little old stove...great outdoor dinners and occasional parties...painting our brick fireplace white and turning it into a cozy bedroom...running after our dog throughout the neighborhood...bringing Declan home for the first time to meet Ruby and for her to meet him...rearranging furniture too often...all the dark hallways and cold concrete...how we picked it and were so proud of it...the white fence we finally settled on...our gardening adventures...grilling outback and lighting food on fire...Ed's super fun 30th bday party...and so much more...

Monday, March 1, 2010

pretty clothes

if i had a couple grand lying around to waste, i'd like to purchase these for my summer apparel. wouldnt that be fun! go check out the pretties at harveyfaircloth.com. maybe i can get really good at sewing?

on a side note, i have been missing based on the fact that we up and moved unexpectedly, so more on that later, with some new house pics...if my camera does it any justice. cheers to springy weather!