Wednesday, October 27, 2010

la luna

just took these the other night while
playing outside with the kids.
it was so beautiful.
we just love the full bright moon this time of year.

Monday, October 25, 2010

oh mondays...

you do exhaust me so.
or wait, i guess everyday does,
but there is always that expectation about
i am going to get so very much done today.
i'll finish all the laundry,
the dishes will not pile up today,
i'll wake up early to go run and bake cupcakes
before the kids wake up,
i'll get some crafting done,
i'll find time to have quality conversation over a cheap beer
with my husband,
i'll look at that ever growing to-do list and check some stuff off of it.
and then mondays
draw to a close
and i laugh at my incredibly high over achievements
as they have once again been slightly bottled up for
yet another 'next monday.'
life sure is funny when it just laughs in your face
and you just have to accept it.
luckily there is some chocolate and an ice cold beer waiting for me.
yes, beer and chocolate go well together.
or maybe chocolate and just about anything.
happy belated monday to you and yours.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

happy weekend

hope the weekend is going splendidly for all.
ours began quite nicely with a nice walk to the farmers market
accompanied by my mom and the kids.
picked up some flowers to grace the home and tortillas
for breakfast tomorrow.
the weather is perfect.
now for some catch up while they sleep away the afternoon.
doesnt naptime seem better with cool breezes and fall feelings?
have a happy happy weekend!
{above image found here via here}

Friday, October 22, 2010

a dreamworld

oh to be so carefree and live in the dreamworld our children live in.
the other night ruby said to me in the midst of playing: 'mom, i just
gotta dance' and then quickly followed this up with 'want to dance
with me.' how do you ever say no to such requests?
lately i just keep staring at my kids and wondering 'are they really mine?'
i know that must sound funny to hear, but sometimes i guess it just seems
too good to be true. i wish i could just truly live in the moments as they do,
and soak it all up. i could watch them play for hours...
playing pretend...discovering...talking (a lot)...reading...singing.
they just amaze me over and over.
i could not be more thankful for the gift these little ones are
on our lives.
now if i could just slow it down a little.
press pause once in a while.
and make it last longer,
ahh, that would be nice.
then again, i guess it is really the fact that the cherished moments are
in fact fleeting ones
and time continues that makes us really appreciate it all in the first place.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

crafty room

upon recent discovery that i can in fact
turn that baby crib into a cozy little couch...
i was pretty pumped to cozy it up for reading pleasures, etc.
in its original spot in our crafty room.
on that note,
i decided to share some more of the space with you all.
sewing, books, a little bit of everything.

an inspiration wall.

crafts to sell at the crafeteria come december.

and a view out the window on this rainy day

from my desk.
oh for a week of rainy days.
i'll take as many as i can get.

Monday, October 18, 2010

lines and shapes

i thought these art journals and books
looked like they would make a lovely present.
a sort of pick me up for your coffee table.
{above image: brooklyn diary}

go see for yourself here
such a clever title and logo.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

fashion show

just a little bit of fun in a mix of the dress ups
and the closet last week.
my oh my did we have a lot of laughs out of this.
i do indeed have a funny lady on my hands.
how do you like that old baby dress of mine?
im positive i did not look as cute in it.

and lastly,

thank you Callie for lots of good laughs...dances...and play time!

we love dress up.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


what is it about tiny things?
this website makes the sweetest dolls. love the big hair.
go take a peek; do some early christmas shopping?
but the mini stuff is by far the most amazing and coolest.
those purses are simply too much.
i wish i could be super small.

sidenote: i did climb out on a roof today in an
attempt to shoo a spider away from our house...
creepiest experience ever. the spider;
not the climbing/hanging-on aspect.
i know. rediculous.
im still a bit frightened.

sneek peek

in that sewing craze of mine...
i had a little (maybe a lot) of fun
coming up with a fancy
'fairy princess'
costume for ruby.

so here's a sneek peek.
much cuter on that little chub.
still working on it.
i felt so project runway.
livin the dream man.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

sewing itch

i've had such an itch to sew lately.
the other night i made this sweet little wallet
from bend the rules sewing
i love how easy and fast it was.
nothing like finishing a project in one sitting
instead of adding it to the ever increasing pile
of unfinished ones.

and then ruby saw it the next morning.
she thought it should be hers.
so a promise was made.
ok, i'll make you one.

only for hers i added some notches to put crayons in.
'my wallet' is making her feel very big and important i think.
she's kind of a big deal.
anyone catch the reference?

Monday, October 11, 2010

we speak no americano

guilty pleasure

donuts after sunday mass are up there in my top faves.
we've only been a handful of times
but please do yourself a favor and skip dunkin
if donuts are your sort of thing
and try out this gem.
you will thank me later.
glazed and coconut are my favorite flaves.

and then you can take some fun family photos
with the lime green back drop right?
{im thinking maybe this is perfect...
we're already dressed up anyhow
so it could kind of work out}
and by the way; thanks mom for those knees.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

what's in season?

ever get stuck make the same old same olds?
wondering what's in season right now?
maybe this list will inspire you.
bok choy
broccoli rabe
brussel sprouts
green onions

for the tastiest and loveliest produce here in phx:
check out

maybe i'll share some recipies later.
hope this is inspirational.
i always found that looking at a list of what is in season
helped trigger some ideas and inspiration.
how about you?
any fun recipies to share?

Friday, October 8, 2010

happy weekend

hope you find yourself enjoying the rather
gorgeous weather out bike riding.
i'm dreaming of carring the kids around
in this beauty
and surronding them with goodies from the market.
man would i be buff if i toted
the two of them all over in this getup!

{images found here and here}

Thursday, October 7, 2010

hungry for a charitable event?

this event sounds like fun.
cupcakes everywhere from all of our local bakeries
and supporting some good causes.
even though its really all about the sweet treats for me.
so plan for 10.10.10
at the valley ho in scottsdale.
lets grab a coffee and head over!
{details here}

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

personality house

a while back ed was talking to ruby about having a lot of
not sure how exactly the conversation went
but it ended on the funny note that
'yes, this house is full of personality....'
and thus dubbed 'the personality house.'
every once in a while ruby will bring it up.
all i can say is that she amazes me daily over and over
with the things she says, and yet i find it hard to retell many of them
considering they are nothing without her personal body lauguage:
the eye brow lifts, hand movements, general excited outbursts in volume.
i could go on and on.
the following photos are witness to just some of the funny
moments throughout the day.
what is with the umpaloompa pose?
i guess the 'party' hats did it to her.
{side note. party hats made from the template printed
so kindly on whole foods grocery bags!}

and dare i say,
this little guy is clearly not going
to dissapoint in the personality dept.

baby carrier

did you know the swim bag
could double as a baby carrier?
best part:
how ed came down stairs and started talking
to me like everything was normal,
and all i could think was: 'where's dec?'
took me a minute.
oh, he's in the swim bag.
that husband of mine...always full of funny tricks up his sleeves.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

tee pee

so i had been planning for about a month now
i guess on making a tee pee
for the kids with some bamboo from my parents,
and using a tutorial out of a kids craft book.
i actually finished it a week or so ago,
and while dec was napping ruby and i had a lovely picnic
( hoo)
of cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches...carrots and grapes.
it was quite lovely...but i kinda wish it was a bit bigger.
maybe we'll construct a family size one
now that the weather is actually turning?
can it be...fall weather is really upon us?
cheers to the beginnings of nicer weather fellow phonecians!