Monday, May 3, 2010

sick days just arent fun anymore

its not like the old days when you could just lay around watching 'the price is right' and other lame tv, drinking green milkshakes and pondering how awesome it was that all the other kids were in math class while you lay there in your pj's, and your perfect mother made you homemade chicken soup and made sure you were attended to.

so ed was sick today, and by golly i hope he gets better soon. its not that i mind, but there is always this somber-ness to the home when one of the parents is sick. dance parties arent the same with out dad jumping in. we would love to get our ed back tomorrow please.

it was nice though still just to have him near.

ruby and i still managed to get in some good playing. 'make sumping' with blocks was a big request. she does indeed have many requests throughout the day....'' ....'swing'...'hungee'...'dwink'...and most recently 'potty' are the most common requests. oh, and dare i forget, 'burfday soop' (the little bear story titled 'birthday soup' is a big fave right now). i am pretty sure i read it about 4 times today and could do so with my eyes closed if i should perhaps need to catch a power nap. at least today felt like another sunday. that was pretty sweet. my personal highlight was the well deserved afternoon iced carmel latte i treated to myself while i walked the kids around and caught some fresh air on the shady side of the street. i always love when i make my way into the coffee shop with dec in the back pack, ruby in the stroller and my hands generally full and get the looks...'do you need help?'. yes, usually, but dont worry, i got it. im pretty strong these days.


Sara said...

carrots and potatoes, peas and tomatoes

mamamchale said...

so you like burfday soop too? it does sound so appealing.