Thursday, May 13, 2010


i was pretty sure i wasnt going to make it through today,
what with the dead bird being eaten by a live bird to start it off in my front yard,
kids uninterested in napping,
screaming dec in the car after leaving the doctor and trying to drop off a prescription,
laundry, dishes, messes, unfinished projects,
the spider that wouldnt die when i tried to smoosh it over breakfast this morning,
i am now going to just dream of winning one of these
sweet sea bags
is giving away.
go check it out and enter for yourself!
and i'll pretend im one of those glamorous 1960's women in the old movies,
all tan and lovely
dancing around the beach in this fancy get up.
or perhaps
just my old scraggly jeans and these shoes
strolling with my husband...having one of those perfect conversations
filled with ahah moments you never want to end.
{via bootmeister}

back to those dishes.
and sorry ed, the dead bird is still there, in the front lawn.
what is it with me and birds anyhow?

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