Tuesday, March 31, 2015

7 year old tea.

so little miss ruby turned seven on us. with such a sweet little group of friends from school, i thought we just might have a fancy tea party, and while were at it make the cutest mini pies you ever did see.
it was just right, and i seriously can not believe how our little babe is growing up on us. where did chubby little rubes go? 

i found the sweet little pie dishes at crate and barrel. i made a triple batch of two crust pie dough, and divided each batch into four discs, so each girl could roll out a bottom and do a lattice top. 
i made an apple pie filling so they could just scoop it in. and i found pink pie boxes at the bake shop; topped it with a chalk board label and let them draw their names on the boxes.
and with what fabric i had in my stashes i came up with some sweet little aprons.  

mid morning tea 

passion fruit tea

scones with butter and jam

nutella flower sandwiches

cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches

chicken salad croissants

pink pavlova with berries and cream

Monday, March 16, 2015


ruby: checking out something exciting after school in her favorite spot

dec: going through the wednesday packet, letting me know whats new

 mikey: searching for treasure in the key box
(where he shouldnt be)

franny: smiling at the farm

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


ruby: singing a book of verse to frances; she loves to sing books that are not songs, and her sister
gladly loves to listen. home with strep:( from school. counting down to her birthday on the 18th!

declan: enjoying the first snow cone of the season at our first t-ball game. 
go dodgers!! always up for a  smile. 

mikey: chilling at home with mom. recently told me in the car "stop copying
me mom." (clearly he got this from older siblings). 

frances: enjoying some sister time sitting on the couch. trying new foods, 
saying mama and waving backwards with a smile to lots of friendly faces. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

52 is back.

 remember that old 52 project? well im going to attempt to get back on it. who knows. if i gather enough cute organizing supplies from the dollar bin at target maybe i can get my life together. yeah, probably not. worth a try though. 

ruby: nearly seven years old, loving first grade, hula hooping, jump roping, reading, 
drawing and spending time giggling with her brothers and little sis.

declan: charming the world around him. living it up in preschool, and very pumped 
for the upcoming t-ball season to begin. lighting up my every day with his funny
outlook on life and bustling imagination. 

mikey: busy busy guy. talking up a storm, just when were beginning to wonder...now 
he can not say enough. his brain is currently in sponge mode, tossed with a heavy dose of
stubbornness. still really into animals and 'guys' and all figurines. not too into changing his 
diaper or going to bed. 

frances: the happiest little girl in town. she loves to smile, laugh, be tickled and play peek a boo. 
coming up on 8 months, she popped her top two teeth before the bottom (which are slowly making
their way too). adores her siblings and likes to say 'da da' a lot. we are surely blessed to have
this ball of joy around. oh, and did i mention she is crawling and pulling herself up on things? 
slow it down girl.