Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Frances Marie

our sweet teeny tiny little Frances Marie Agnes finally arrived July 10th at 8:41pm, weighing in at 8lbs. 1ou. A chubby cheek champ. we are incredibly happy to be home and all back together...getting ready for a week at the beach! Praise God for a healthy delivery. 
Feeling rather blessed and in awe of God's creation. 
Ruby is obviously feeling the joy of a new sister and the boys are gitty over their new girl. Welcome to the world little Franny!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


{dot and mikey diggin into some birthday ice cream}

So the big two arrived for little Mikey this past month. We had a nice early celebration with his cousin Dot at GiGi's and they both were the cutest on their little scooters. always a good time swimming and running around with cousins. 
His real birthday was rather simple....donuts for breakfast and lots of animals (his new favorite thing). animals, guys, any figurine goes with him all over the house. even to bed. best part? stepping on them in the carpet. 
mikey we love you so! happy 'tewww'!!!

Monday, June 16, 2014

looking back.

looking back at old, or not really that old, beach photos i was overwhelmed with gratitude for what we have in this big family of ours. every summer we are truly blessed to reunite the cousins into what feels like a week of one big party. swimming, eating, more eating, hippo cookies, giggles, baseball on the beach, talent shows, and cousins just getting to be together. it really is amazing, and i am just so incredibly thankful. 
boy i can not wait to be back there soon. the more the merrier! pretty soon we're going to need to rent our own beach. ha!


off to the first day of sports/summer camp. good thing its only one week, b/c i miss these guys already. they are just too much. 
good thing i know they are probably having the time of their lives shooting arrows, swimming and playing any number of sports. dec is one proud backpack wearing dude. 
so for one week its going to be really quiet around here. just me and mike.

Monday, June 9, 2014

summertime is here.

so its officially summer around here. ruby graduated kindergarden, the pool opened, and we stocked up on popsicles and delicious fruit. its great to have a little freedom, less car time and more pool time. 
now, lets get that baby out!!!!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

happy and sad.

so ruby has been slowly getting over some mean virus that has taken away her spunk, so on the positive we've had her around more and gotten to lay around in bed together, but on the negative, i hate to see her down. i am looking forward to seeing her 100 percent back to her rubyness. better. 

graced with gorgeous windy weather, we had some great outside time together. looking forward to a summer of no school and all being together! nearly time to start working on our summer list:)
and nearly time to pop out baby number 4!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

7 years.

we celebrated a wonderful seven years the day after easter with a fun family day at the science museum and a wee picnic. i woke up to breakfast in bed (which was apparently ruby's idea) and honestly completely forgot what day it terrible i know. 
so we look forward to a night out soon to actually celebrate. a fun night at an old phoenix classic, Durants and a visit to the Heard. i dont think ive been there since grade school so it should be a fun adventure. 

ps. royal coffee is open now at heritage square. you should go!! super cute.