Monday, March 16, 2015


ruby: checking out something exciting after school in her favorite spot

dec: going through the wednesday packet, letting me know whats new

 mikey: searching for treasure in the key box
(where he shouldnt be)

franny: smiling at the farm

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


ruby: singing a book of verse to frances; she loves to sing books that are not songs, and her sister
gladly loves to listen. home with strep:( from school. counting down to her birthday on the 18th!

declan: enjoying the first snow cone of the season at our first t-ball game. 
go dodgers!! always up for a  smile. 

mikey: chilling at home with mom. recently told me in the car "stop copying
me mom." (clearly he got this from older siblings). 

frances: enjoying some sister time sitting on the couch. trying new foods, 
saying mama and waving backwards with a smile to lots of friendly faces. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

52 is back.

 remember that old 52 project? well im going to attempt to get back on it. who knows. if i gather enough cute organizing supplies from the dollar bin at target maybe i can get my life together. yeah, probably not. worth a try though. 

ruby: nearly seven years old, loving first grade, hula hooping, jump roping, reading, 
drawing and spending time giggling with her brothers and little sis.

declan: charming the world around him. living it up in preschool, and very pumped 
for the upcoming t-ball season to begin. lighting up my every day with his funny
outlook on life and bustling imagination. 

mikey: busy busy guy. talking up a storm, just when were beginning to 
he can not say enough. his brain is currently in sponge mode, tossed with a heavy dose of
stubbornness. still really into animals and 'guys' and all figurines. not too into changing his 
diaper or going to bed. 

frances: the happiest little girl in town. she loves to smile, laugh, be tickled and play peek a boo. 
coming up on 8 months, she popped her top two teeth before the bottom (which are slowly making
their way too). adores her siblings and likes to say 'da da' a lot. we are surely blessed to have
this ball of joy around. oh, and did i mention she is crawling and pulling herself up on things? 
slow it down girl.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

here and there.

whew. what happened? i thought it was thanksgiving, and now im prepping for the valentines party at school. i always think after christmas it will calm down right? 
so we were fortunate enough to ring in the new year in ca and get out of town for a bit as a family. visiting with uncle al, aunt mary and sweet evangeline made it extra special for the kids. 
lately, we've just been soaking up the gorgeous weather, venturing out on lots of walks, and trying to organize and clean out as much as possible with little mess makers around.
we recently had a last minute thrown together cupcake stand (i was out of lemonade). i had some old cardboard that we turned into a make-shift stand. always a hit in the hood. 
really, life is pretty crazy with four, but i feel incredibly blessed by their joy and energy. i could not ask for more. and so i am off to another day!

Monday, November 10, 2014 woman.

a terribly warm, yet lovely halloween this year! we went with declan's lead of wanting to be batman and followed up with a family theme. it always seems such a whirlwind but nonetheless so much fun dressing up, hanging with friends and family, and of course eating lots of treats! 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

fall getaway.

this past weekend we were fortunate enough to take a wee break from the pretend fall weather in phoenix to visit some real chill just a few hours away. north and east, we headed to a charming little area in payson called christopher creek. it was just perfect. a camping feel but with a tiny cabin and kitchen; a playful little creek footsteps away, a wild visiting squirrel mikey was all too amused with, an adorable little playground,and a sky full of stars to gaze at wrapped up in coats and winter hats. 
they had a go with fishing as well nearby; although it really wasnt fishing. the easy kind where youre guaranteed a fish. back in phoenix we cooked it up for dinner and felt refreshed to be back; all the while really wishing we had a good week there to escape reality a bit. 
feeling truly thankful to live in city where such beauty is just hours away!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

key lime pie.

whats that you say? key lime pie? why but of course. because it is always a good idea, and i somehow let it slip away and never made it this summer so i was feeling jipped. 
oh me oh my i do love pie and so while i pretty much have zero time on my hands lately, i always seem to find a way to sneak in baking. it is an unexplainable treasure God gave us, never ceasing to amazing me. 
sorry i don't have a recipe to share, but im sure you have one you love already. 
and now we will be moving on to pumpkin and apple shortly. but for now, im thinking this easy chocolate cake sounds like a good idea. 
{fellow whip cream lover} 

{drawing fanatic and avid colorer}