Tuesday, May 25, 2010


so ive been begging ed to find me some rolled up cork
to conconct a wall in the crafty office room of ours (mainly mine i guess)
and he so sweetly went to find me some today at the office supply store.
even better, he thought of the way to put it together.
we doubled up some posterboard
(but im sure old cardboard boxes would work)
and spray mounted the thin cork on top. the cork did not fit perfectly
so i had to cut it a bit,
leaving me with a lot leftover.
i had a bunch of little frames in a closet
and decided it might be fun to fill them with the exess cork.
here's what i got.

now, after being hung,
its a work in progress.
still need to work in the frames.
the wall of inspiration i have been dying to put together...alas.
slowly but surely it'll come together.

now i just need to make more tacks.
i made a bunch of crazy ones a million years ago,
and hold on to them like they are little gems.
i know im such a weirdo.
its those little doodads that always get me.

do you have any good inspiration walls in your home?
or does the wacky mess make you crazy?

1 comment:

jack, lucy and finn said...

i have always wanted a cork wall!
so jealous!
so fantastic!
and i love the wacky mess.