Saturday, May 1, 2010

mother's day idea no. 2

so it isnt entirely crafty as i had promised, but it is creative. this works out very well for last minute gifters too as i so often am.
so go to your local farmers market on Saturday...our downtown public market is fabulous (open sat and wed nights). buy fresh roasted coffee, local jam, veggies, herbs, or whatever reminds you of your mother.
find a basket lying around your house and fill it with some linen or a vintage table cloth and stuff it with the goodies. then add your personal touch, a ribbon or card with your wishes to her. you can also consider this option of just buying flowers (my fave are maya's at our market) and perhaps adding the touch of this little satchel filled with wine and chocolate, or perhaps her favorite magazine.

and lastly, include some ideas of what to do with the goodies you gave her on little recipe cards.



Edward said...

wow this going to be a hard mothers day.

Morning T said...

Thanks for more great ideas and I have to tell you I love your chippy white table!