Thursday, May 27, 2010

picnic-ing in the park

yesterday the weather was really awesome
so i packed up some lunch
and we jaunted over to the park
right by our house.we found a great shady tree
and planted ourselves right under it,
ate, crawled, chilled.
it was nice, and a nice change from eating lunch at home.
as ruby likes to tell me,
in recollection of things we've just completed,
'that fun'
which pretty much refers to anything we do
that isnt groceries, the norm, etc.

i guess it wasnt totally all that fun,
as you can see by the slightly
grumpus face
but i sure enjoyed the shady breeze, snacks and relaxation.

1 comment:

luke and pamela said...

i used to live right by the library park on portland street! this post makes me happy! so does your blog. glad your mama shared. :)