Sunday, May 2, 2010

maybe the last day

here in phoenix of this rediculously gorgeous weather. a bit windy, but nevertheless we will all be praying for a little wind soon i gather once the temps shoot up into the 90's and before you know it even ever so much higher.
we enjoyed the weather chillin at our friends 'garage sale' slash 'makeshift cafe out of the home'. we caught up with some old restaurant friends and just enjoyed the scene. ruby took a liking to the shoe section and tried on several pairs. unfortunately i miss a pic of her in these orange beauties. pretty sure it would be hard for me to pull these off very well.

the kids had some 'post food' cozy time in the grass. dec just kept trying with all his might to eat the grass. why does he always magnetize towards danger?

this was the pretty scene of lots of lovely people enjoying fabulous food, coffees, cocktails and great conversation.

a super cute little order window out of their kitchen where they write on the windows. you may recognize some old Palatte goodies (ie. windows, decor)

the best treat....a crepe baked in a muffin pan with eggs, leeks and bacon, alongside a nice roasted beet salad. deeeelish.

some treasures i made off with...super cute little purse and stripey belt i cant wait to sport with my red dress.

and how cute would this light be in a little boys room, perhaps a tiny closet bedroom? the closet bedroom is an idea i am hoping to bring to real life in the near future with a little planning. so all in all i think we took advantage of what seems to be the end of this perfect weather. hello heat here you come.

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wishful nals said...

your children are beautiful! and that crepe, mmmm! looks so good!