Monday, February 28, 2011

needs work. that dress.

so i'm not done yet. but i thought i'd share what i was
working on last weekend.
soon enough i'll get the zipper in, and the collar sewed on.
and then perhaps i'll have my first dress done.
i had big plans for making something fun in white
with lots of pink trims for ruby,
but alas
i just never really get done what i hope for
as so many things get in the way.
or admittedly when i do actually get the time...
i just want to be lazy and watch a silly flick like
the proposal with my husband.
way funnier than i thought it would be
by the way in case you are in need
of a good romantic comedy.

hope monday is treating you well.
ps. the dress is out of this
built by wendy
book in the event you were looking
to learn how to make your own frocks.

Friday, February 25, 2011

happy weekend.

i have definitely been bad about posting
mr. dec
lately, so we had a little photo shoot
in the afternoon sporting his new target
shirt. i think he just might be an
orange man.
oh, that last face? that would be a look up
at one of the many helicopters that flew over.
they just never get old. yet i have no idea
what spurred the crazy face.
its just his personality. lots of it.

so i am actually off to cali spur of the moment.
i'll try to leave you some love for next
week but no huge promises.
maybe if you leave me lots of comments
i will feel obliged.
if you finish all your dinner you can have an oreo too.
happy weekend to you.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

so i tried them.

and they were probably the best choc chip cookies ever.
the use of raw sugar and sea salt make them i think.
beware: you should probably just give them to friends
and only leave a small amount within reach
as you will not be able to stop eating them.
oh wait, that was me.

{here is the link again}

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

little nook.

{bench side table for coloring,
or holding my coffee}

rearranged again. not a lot i promise.
ruby and i were playing 'princess fort'
the other day and scooted this bed into
the little nook by our kitchen
and thus it stuck.

i kinda like the cozy spot.
except it ensues a feeling of well deserved
nap throughout the day...a position mr. declan
is never too enthused with.
if he could speak i know he'd be saying
'get up and play ball right now mom,
i'll have none of this laying around baloney.'
yet instead he just looks at me in pain
and grunts 'ehhhhhh'.
ok, fine, you're rediculously cute. i'm up.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

pretty pouches.

inspired by this post and great tutorial i spent a bit of
my sewing time this weekend obsessing over pouches.
who doesnt love a good pouch for pens, makeup,
paper, coupons, who knows...endless possibilities.

anyhow, i had some heavy weight white linen
and paired it up with colorful zippers,
and then decided a liner was even better.
if you live in phx, SAS is your place for buckets
of zippers. they were full of a bunch of vintage ones
still in wrappers. every time i go in there
i leave with about 10 new projects in mind.

and by the way, this was my first official zipper.
yippee! i did it. thanks to liz.
feeling pretty good.

promise to share the dress
i am almost done
with soon.
forgot to take pics.

Monday, February 21, 2011


the sound our cd player makes now when you turn
on or off the car. and no, it is not currently taking
cd's either, so no more juno soundtrack for us i'm
afraid. its only been in there for about a year now.

ed said to me: 'maybe we should stop letting
them play in the car.'
but who does'nt love to catch up on some reading
or sewing on the front porch and listen to the ruby
'im just going on a trip mom to a snowy place...
i just need to go to the store for snacks first
and then for gas cus the car does'nt works'

oh, ok.

and i have no idea why the air makes this
crazy clicking sound when turning from
cold to warm, or vice versa.
i guess the car is old.
who knows why they find playing in the car
so terribly entertaining.
i'm probably the only crazy mom
who lets her kids do this.
just add that to the list of things
i probably should'nt let them do but do anyhow.

Friday, February 18, 2011

happy weekend.

up to this weekend:
attempting to sew a few things. dresses!
writing...not procrastinating.
reading this new book i've been devouring from the library.
and maybe visiting the parking lot at frances/smeeks for
a hot dog and good tunes.

any good plans coming your way?
check out emily and i's regular friday
post for some fun links. enjoy!

{image via our work shop via seesaw}

Thursday, February 17, 2011

a few fantastic shots.

ruby takes every chance she gets to steal the
camera away from me.
here is her recent work.
i was off doing something in the kitchen
and found some surprises on my camera later.
she loves her feet.

as you can plainly see.
( fly shot)

and then we did a nice fancy pose for the timer.
lookin good as always mom.
and ps. what is up with the wild hand poses ruby?

and last but not least,
ruby's fancy collage.
she did spend some time
putting this together. and when i took two pics
she followed it up with
'another one!!!??'
yes, we had to get it just right.. b/c your mom
is kinda crazy.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

chocolate chip cookies.

i am always on the lookout
for a new chocolate chip cookie
recipe to try.
this one, in its attention to detail
and ingredients particularly
appeals to me.
once i get my hands on some quality chocolate
i'll have to give it a whirl.
problem is, i tend to eat most of them.

{find it here}

and as a side note,
would it not be so fun
to receive a whole loot
of cookies wrapped in wax paper
inside this cute lunch tote?

{found here}

Monday, February 14, 2011

a happy fete.

we celebrated the big day well this past
weekend....with delicious food,
fabulous company (family)
and lots of laughs.

twas memorable and so lovely.

and's a secret....
if you want to see more pics
go here.

emily and i have a new blog.
it is indeed new and we still have
a lot of work to do but
you should check it out.

be mine.

happy valentines to you and yours.
spread the love and cheer!
i am counting my blessings....they are indeed many.

Friday, February 11, 2011

happy weekend

any exciting valentine's plans?

we're cooking up a mighty feast
of a soiree. will share next week.
have a weekend!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

chocolate boxes



i found these in the dollar bin
at michaels. on the search
for boxes to jazz up for a family
valentines dinner we're throwing
this weekend.

i just chipped off the appliques,
painted them white (with a little
help from Ruby)
and wired in these tissue
pink pom poms
i whizzed up on a late night
cappuccio. ummm.
then i could not go to sleep.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

just happy

to be out with you.
happy to have you and the silly
things you say.
happy to see your smiling face everyday.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

peachy pinks

as im sure you've noticed,
if your color obsessed like me
that the new hue for spring
is all about peachy pinks.
so happy. i just love it.

Monday, February 7, 2011

yes please

head over to seesaw
and enter to win
one of these lovelies.
just love them.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

how do you like

those cute chubby legs in
adorable pink mary janes?

ruby insisted on taking one of
my feet

so i thought i's share her photography
she also took this of dec trying like
mad (and grunting im sure)
to open bubbles.

we finally had a warm day today
and ruby seems to be getting better
{she was rather sick over the weekend}
so it was nice to emerge
and just play again.

i also caught a wee bit of superbowl
half time.
yikes, that was painful.
and i thought watching football
was the least thrilling part.
how bout some justin timberlake i can dance to huh?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

happy weekend

have a lovely weekend.
im pooped.
i'll take a nice bit of relaxation,
although im sure that wont happen.
one can wish!

modeling on the beach

well not really.
i just found this rather large
piece of driftwood and the kids
took some funny pics.
image stolen from emily.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

that's a camera?

and for only 25 bucks
ruby may be getting
her first for her bday.
no more using mine lady.

this way she can dress up
and be a princess spy
and take all the secret pics
her little heart desires.

buy it here