Wednesday, May 5, 2010

morning at the zoo

after digging through the dirty dishes and finally reaching my hands around a nice cup of coffee this morning, i decided, hey, how about the zoo. couldnt be too warm if we just went for the morn and so we did. and boy oh boy was ruby pumped about that. monkeys and elephants were on the top of the list. this would be our favorite lunch spot; sitting in front of the elephants, eating sandwiches, nursing dec, and apparently talking to them as well as the above photo showcases.

and after getting warmed up you finish it all off with some nice water time. why am i usually the only mom out there? hey i was hot too after carrying a chubby baby around for 2 hours. i kinda felt like just lying down and letting all the water rain on me but then things couldve gotten really weird, right.

it was pretty hard to catch this fast goofy girl just running around giggling at the whole scene.

and how old and hairy does this guy look? peeyew.

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