Monday, December 19, 2011

paper bag gift wrap

i had a go at making this the other day. 
very easy, simple and satisfying. 
if only i had some polka dot paper lying around. 
super cuteness. 
find the instructions here.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

oh and by the way...

with no formal announcement having been made....
let it be known that there is another wee one cooking 
inside of me due to be born this june. 
you could say ruby is pretty excited and is pretty positive 
its a girl, or twins. declan on the other hand just says 'yeah!'
yeah yeah, what ruby said.
some pretty awesome questions have hit the table lately:
'what is the baby going to eat? just milk?
 not the kind from the store?'

'is your baby going to fall in the toilet when it comes out 
(followed with much concern and worry)?'

'if the baby is a girl, can she sleep in my bed?'

And as for the above photos, i dont have any swell shots 
of myself yet, but i look about 6 months so watch out for this one.
the photos above are of our very exciting laundry mat day...
we could barely squeeze into the car and at one point i almost fell
out of the car trying to get to the kids. 
i do highly suggest the laundry mat. done in one and a half hours, 
instead of all day. something like 12 loads i think. good times!

Friday, December 2, 2011

family photos.

so we recently got together with pete and emily 
to take eachothers family photos. 
 i was pretty pumped with the results. 
im thinking maybe some kids pics with cousins for their room.
so in case i slack on getting a card out, here is a wee taste. 
there are like 5 million other to share. 
cheers to the jolliest of seasons. 
its officially cold here!!
{all photos taken by the talented emily}