Sunday, July 31, 2011

sunday afternoon.

 declan finds a nice spot on the floor
to lay his weary head. on a nice bathroom towel.

and ruby is once again playing 'school'
where she proceeds to talk out loud a lot about what she 
is doing and it is all very important and interesting. 
this is a constant game of late.
hope your sunday afternoons are as glamorous.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

just because.

he's so cute.
i kind of can't stop squeezing him lately.
well....except in the moments when he 
purposely spills his drink on the ground
or throws his food all over. 
other that that, 
yes, lot of squeezing
and wondering how so much 
cuteness can be around me all the time.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

just girlies.

this little lady and i have not had a little 'just girlies' get away 
in a while, and so the downtown baseball events that drew 
the boys away gave me an opportunity to do so.
i really do have so much fun with her one on one
when that happens. never fails there are lots of giggles
(usually on my part).
she picked out some pretty sweet pink glasses 
that she wore all around the mall. i just kept 
looking at her and laughing. 
one noted moment in proof of her strong self confidence, 
i am only hoping will grow into a good thing later:
while sitting in pottery barn kids, pretending she lived there
essentially, she sat down at the vanity to say, 'i just need to check
if i am beautiful. yes. i am beautiful.'

eigh yigh yigh.

Monday, July 11, 2011

the beach part two.

no no. 
we didn't have any fun at all. 
thoughts: considering creating my own beautiful
beach life look by filling a spray bottle with sea salted water
and spritzing myself throughout the day.
i might be crazy.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

beach part one.

lets just say the beach was incredibly cozy,
dreamy, full of perfect weather, 
amazing meals, and oodles of cute cute kids.
as always our annual fourth of july 
family get together was a success. 
good to be home, 
but always a bit sad to watch the 
cousin separation and not to have friends
around every night and perfect dinners and wine.
oh beach we love you so.

off to the beach.

the long awaited vacation finally began.
july 1st, super bright and early, we were
in the car and on our way to bliss...the beach.
no more links in the countdown chain, 
we said goodbye to 115 degree temps and sighed 
a sigh of vacation relief.

a new pink bike.

due to our unlucky history with bikes, 
we recently discovered that yes, they steal old kid bikes too, 
not just awesome big kid ones.
so ruby has contented to inquire as to whether we can get 
a new bike. i finally gave in and decided we could 
go look. i got sucked in and we concluded on this 
pink beauty.
so while declan ran around destroying the store 
like a wild man the poor guy put the bike together, 
i mean the poor mom did a series of bending and grabbing the 
little guy and picking up the maddness....a trip to the grocery 
and still an unfinished bike. in the end, we are happy to have 
a bike back in the house. in, not out anymore. 
too bad its so stinkin hot.


we were recently pretty blessed and were able
to attend a sweet little musicale downtown at 
the herberger (my favorite place to see shows).
who doesn't love annie?
and who doesn't love that kurt warner was selling shirts?
ruby was beside herself that she was actually able to 
meet the annie from the play and take a pic with her.
she was literally shaking with glee. starstruck.
that silly lady.