Thursday, April 28, 2011


belated 4 year anniversary to us.

last week we spent a lovely morning visiting the farm
i love that place. i always feel like i am getting away
from it all when i go there.
and then it helps that i hold a sweet memory 
of my first visit there being with my dad, 
who took me for lunch there; 
picnic tables and baskets of delicious sandwiches.
some memories just stick with you forever.
i highly recommend the cowboy eggs we had; 
chili, fried eggs, toast...yum.
we loved it. the kids loved wandering, and i held back 
from helping myself to cutting some chamomile and 
other various beautiful flowers in maya's garden.
do go.

ps. that second photo is of snow white of course, 
in case you were wondering.
she is full of drama.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

a happy easter.

it was a rather perfect kind of day; 
the kind of day you are sad to see go,
the kind where little ruby asks:
'i want to go to easter again'.
yes, me too.

the weather was gorgeous and slightly windy.
our church had an outdoor service which was 
such a blessing for the little guys (and us of course).
there were oodles of good eats,
happy kids hunting for eggs and throwing eggs; 
a bit of confusion on ruby's part as to how to do 
confetti eggs...
she just kept throwing it over my moms head
and then throwing hard boiled eggs in the same fashion.
i know, confusing.
and there were even boats and wooden crosses
to pretty relaxing to sit and sew in the grass
with family. 
a little swimming, some cupcakes even, 
and later on we were blessed with even more fun
meeting up with the mchale fam at a hotel for 
more swimming and cousin fun.
i do feel so blessed by amazing people
all around me. 
hope your Easter's were just as lovely.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

railroad revival tour.

with mumford and sons in the line up ed was 
determined to find a way to make it to this show
we mutually decided it would be a great way to 
celebrate our 4 yr. anniversary
and since our kids love love good music
we thought we'd give it a whirl.

the setting was pretty ideal...
on the train tracks, a rocky field and the 
general feeling that you were at a fair 
that happened to have the happiest dance worthy 
music line up. 
you could say we had a bit of fun.
ruby rocked out, looked for friends in the crowd, 
and slurped on a snow cone.
declan danced, played with rocks, passed out in the 
stroller and woke up later only to be held and rocked
while occasionally waking to kick his legs to a good song.

so after a good show, sewing clothes for the kids, 
cooking food and a few other Easter preps, 
i guess you can see why i was a little tired.
all worth it...and i'd do it again.
nothing better than that feeling of getting 
lost in a good song you love and just dancing like
you do not care...good to just let go
every once in a while.

Monday, April 25, 2011


what led up to Easter and the day of have left me pretty 
so much to share, but for now, i am going to just catch up.
back soon.
hope you had a blessed and the happiest of Easters!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


i made these for the willows this week and keep kicking
myself for not keeping some around for afternoon 
snacks with coffee. 
they are oh so pretty and oh so yummy.
{find a recipe here}

happy gift wrap.

a sweet little idea for you.
wrap up a magazine or two for that mother
you love so much. 
everything is more exciting wrapped and tied up pretty.
I used natural craft paper, pink yarn, and some tissue 
flowers i glued on top. 
you know mom's day is coming up! 
i shall share some more ideas for gifts soon.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

warm days.

call for rediculously cute mini popsicles i found at 
the grocery. i squealed a bit when i opened them.
they are probably the cutest in dec's wee hands.
and the super happy look on his face when i gave 
him one. more? he says when done.
i know, they are tiny.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

some of the perfect food.

chopped tomatoes you needed to get rid of,
dressed in olive oil, s & p, balsamic, chopped garlic,
atop of toasty rustic fresh bread,
homemade basil + arugula pesto,
and some bianco mozzarella.
just thought you should know.
thanks sarah for mentioning pesto the other day!

Monday, April 18, 2011


some really sweet little girlie dresses i found 
on small magazine. love that big blue bow...
would be such a perfect little Easter dress dont you think?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

i am kind of like fraulein maria.

 who knew that stripey ikea fabric that graced the table
at declan's first birthday would become so useful.
first it was aprons for the craft fair,
 and now a fancy window booth....
originally made for movie night, 
and now just generally anything: restaurant...movies...
'declan's general store', ie. handing me everything in the 
cleaning closet he can reach as fast as he can, and finding 
it all very humorous.

and now this pic i am sure is a result of her admiration 
for my sister em's work in the modeling business.
they do catch on so young.

and for inquiring minds, this was really easy to make.
you just have to be as skilled as maria and also have a large
piece of fabric on hand; i am thinking an old sheet would 
i hope your weekend was super dooper as was ours.
i may have created the worlds largest pile of dishes 
ever unfortunately...pancakes...museli for tomorrow...
stewed strawberry and rhubarb....puff pastry...sauteed spinach....
and thats not all. 
you could say i felt like making a lot of food today.

Friday, April 15, 2011

happy weekend.

 here's to hoping for some moments of calm...peace, 
like this above photo.

 some spontaneous dancing...

 some fresh flowers...

 and maybe some sweet treats!
cheers to the weekend.
sorry for the lack of posts this week...
so busy picking up that i find it hard to make 
myself sit sometimes. 
ps. ive been reading this book lately
and find it awe...fully interesting. let me know
if you want to borrow it when im done...
b/c it is very hard to get ahold of at my library!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

finally finished.

so i finally finished putting the collar on this dress the other day.
now just getting the guts to wear my little homemade number. 
i am always paranoid someone is going to notice its crazy 
imperfections. oh well, its just a fun church dress anyhoo.


i was going to share some fun stuff but for some reason
my pictures keep coming up sideways....go figure.
just makes me lose my umph.
on a happier note, i really can not get enough of this spring weather...
our house has been full of breezes and fresh flowers from the garden;
we even had a perfect rainy weekend with a stop for hot coffee
because we were so cold. awesome.
i feel like the clock is only ticking waiting for the summer heat.
maybe that is just the negative little voice in my head.
well its off to battle the grocery with two crazies on my hands.
heres to hoping its ok. maybe a coffee will help.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

weekend salad.

i made this for dinner tonight and thought it was pretty 
delicious so thought i'd share.
who says green beans are just for thanksgiving right?

green bean salad

2 large handfuls green beans
3 medium tomatoes
1 shallot
5-6 slices bacon
1/2 lemon
2 T. olive oil
salt and pepper to taste

Boil trimmed green beans in salted water until tender. Set aside.
Chop tomatoes into medium pieces, sprinkle with salt and pepper.
Cut bacon into one inch pieces and cook until crispy. With about 1 T. of remaining fat sautee chopped 
shallots until carmelized. 
Add all ingredients into bowl. Squeeze top of salad with 1/2 of lemon juice and toss with olive oil, salt and pepper. 
serve immediately or chilled. enjoy! and have a lovely weekend!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

showers in the tree.

 clever ol' me draped the hose into the olive tree 
out front and created a sort of shower outside.
obviously not for big kids. 
ruby and declan thought it was the greatest 
and even broke out some soap. ei yi yi.
what the neighbors must say about 
those crazy mchale kids.

a new simple dress.

so i happened upon some ikea sale fabric while 
Easter basket shopping the other day. 
i've really been wanting to try this simple pattern
my mom had made last year, so i winged it
and it was ridiculously easy, fast and rewarding.
i promise i'll share a tutorial soon...
just not promising perfection.
anyhow, it was basically two pieces sewn together
with a casing at the top...and a long satin ribbon strewn 
through the casing. the end.
oh, and i spied some cute j.crew kids clothes 
as we were window shopping one morning recently
before swim class. dreaming of trying to 
copy that giant flower onto a little white
dress...for Easter perhaps?

i shall also note my love of morning light for pictures.
i'll have to do this more often i guess. if only dec
wasn't such a busy body. ruby essentially has to 
put him in a headlock and try to say cheese.

ps. ruby is laying here next to me, refusing to go 
to sleep and just told me "mommy, you look
like mary poppins. why you're not mary poppins?"
not sure ruby, i'll work on that one.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

best buddies.

i really can not get enough of watching these two interact
lately. declan will do anything ruby does, and he pretty 
much thinks she is the greatest ever (besides jack and balls
of course). can you not just see it in the second photo? 
the extreme admiration for his crazy sister?

for example: we went out sat. night for a little birthday 
dinner and dec woke up and wasnt too happy. 
our babysitter put ruby in bed next to him and he 
quickly went back to sleep and was just fine.
makes me melt.

i just want to pause and freeze them right now
at the ages they are at.