Monday, November 30, 2009

playing with rollip

i was just playing with the fun photo website 'rollip' that emily showed me. too fun! go try for a visit. this was a pic i took of ruby after i took her haircut a while back. what a yummy face!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

dreamy stationary

isnt this just the most wonderful present for a stationary addict? lets bring letter writing back! check them out at

Friday, November 27, 2009

first bath

Declan had his first bath with his Daddy. I actually missed it, b/c I was out with Ruby getting drinks for Thanksgiving, but apparently he had a good time and did not appreciate getting out. A bit chilly. Luckily we have these old school red lights that warm up the bathroom. Yeah for old houses with weird features. Ruby definitely likes to hold him a lot. His squirmyness makes her giggle.

lovely friday morning

just enjoying the absolutely gorgeous weather with my girl while the little guy snoozes...
picking oranges, gathering sticks, and going for
rides around the yard in the old pink car.

oh i do love phoenix in the winter. its so magical sometimes.
and i do certainly love having such a sweet baby.

Monday, November 23, 2009

sweet baby Declan

So our new little babe has finally arrived! Declan James McHale was born on 11.20.09 ...weighing 7lbs 3 ounces.

We went to the hospital Thursday afternoon after contractions technically starting Wednesday night. Ed took me on many walks, to the mall, to get dinner in our neighborhood, etc. to keep things going as we were determined to avoid having a c-section and to attempt having a natural birth. So we finally gave in once the contractions were getting close and headed to St. Joe's Thursday around noon. The majority of the day was spent in triage, until the evening...something to do with no rooms ready or low staffing.

Once we got into our room we were blessed with the sweetest most wonderful nurse in the world; she was a mom Ed knew from the swim school and came into work just to be our nurse. Jennifer was her name and I can not thank her enough for being simply amazing and getting us through what felt so endless.

So with her and Ed at my side helping me to somehow breathe through it all, it happened and we experienced the true miracle of life...seeing your little boy come into the world when you were sure it would never happen or that there was no possible way you could continue....I might just die right here and many thoughts going through your head.

But then, oh, to hold him and see the smiles of joy on everyones not be so drugged out from surgery that you get to actually hold and nurse your baby and kiss his face. What a true blessing and so worth it all. On top of that to be surrounded by such love, a simply wonderful husband who gets me through so much, and the greatest most loving parents and family and friends who came to visit and congratulate. I do feel overwhelmed with blessings right now.

And yes, Ruby is adjusting. She definitely needs a lot of attention and wants her mama a lot but she is behaving pretty normally i guess. I just love when she giggles at his noises or points to his nose, mouth, etc in awe of this little guy; oh and the kisses are pretty darn cute too. I could go on and on but baby calls.

Thank you to all of those who have been so good to us lately as we welcome our new babe into the world. Thank you for visiting, bringing delicious meals, and sharing your sweet thoughtful and so appreciated. We could not be more thankful to have you in our lives.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


a while back, when first getting into sewing, emily and i made these dolls for our girls. only recently ruby has really taken to shabby as she may be. it cracks me up, b/c she has to do everything ruby does...diaper, shoes, clothes, food, you name it....even an itch on the leg....dolly must have one too. funny stuff. and her name is rather original. i guess we'll get to better names as time goes on. christmas definitely calls for some accessories and new outfits, and perhaps a new sister for dolly....molly?


so at the very last minute ruby turned into little bo peep for halloweeen. i must say i wanted to eat her up in that little dress. my aunt cathy was so sweet and found this vintage dress that was just her size, and clearly someone had put a lot of time into once long ago. its like a little doll outfit!
we did have a great time in the lovely weather at pete and emilys, just playing outside and muching on some great eats and observing some great costumes. i will have to post later the costume ruby originally planned...a bee....She thinks its great fun to buzz around and sting people; perfect for her goofy personality. I cant wait for next year to plan a costume with her little brother!