Sunday, October 12, 2008

i wish i knew about this before...

lets all get pregnant and look this cute!

while ruby's napping...

so besides ever exciting house work, and pondering over how people have time to blog as much as they do and come up with all these amazing things (for example and her blog....while she has five kids she takes care of)...i try to also get work in as much as i can for the restaurant. i'd definitely rather be swinging in a hammock enjoying this rediculously gorgeous weather reading a page turner novel....but that doesnt happen too often.

so here are some pics i tried to take for postcards i was trying to make for palatte. we'll see how the sample turns out. i thought it would be fun for people to send their friends a breakfast invitation or just send someone a piece of mail for fun.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

pumpkin patch

courtesy of my Dad making a trip to scnepf (sp?) farms for some wonderful pumpkins, Palatte is now graced with a lovely pumpkind patch that Ruby seemed to find quite fun rumbling did the kitchen crew, who claim they are to make some pumpkin candy with the one that cracked! lots of festivities ahead tomorrow for first friday and all for the fun festivale de octobre! ed and i found ourselves deep in crafting making masks for the masquerade contest; now i just have to make a tiny one for Ruby who loves a good party!