Sunday, July 18, 2010

hot hot market

the kids and i made our way to
on saturday morning.
wow, i have never possbily been that hot and sweaty
within 10 short minutes in my life.
i thought i might keel over.
the heat warnings are not messing around.
we stocked up on veggies from maya
and then quickly booked it over to the snow cone stand
and ran inside to the haven of the indoor market.
ruby made some business calls while
i sipped on some cool coffee.
i know, coffee, hot weather....but i needed a jolt.
i felt a little guilty about the blue syrup intake here
but i was going for a quick cool down by way of the ice.
seemed to work out just dandily.
we did actually make it home, starved of course.
so i made some tasty 'market eggs'
as i call them.
veggies from market + fried eggs + local tortillas = delish
i sauteed some okra and pepper,
topped with fresh chopped tomato and chives
on our eggs and it was a lovely time.
i felt much better.
nevermind the giant messes surrounding me in every corner
and laundry beckoning at me as it continually grows
ever larger.
i am going to invent a laudry shrinking powder i think.
or dissapearing might be more like it.
hope you had a lovely
not so hot as here

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jack, lucy and finn said...

mmm, i'm hungry...
will you make me that for breakfast?