Wednesday, July 7, 2010

where i've been

so many years ago,
i am not sure when,
my parents began a tradition of bringing us all together
for the 4th of July
over in much cooler southern ca....ahhhh the beach.
it has grown tremendously over the years
and only gets better and better....and more different.
anyhow, needless to say i have been out of the blogging loop.
and since arriving home i just told ed i feel like
a salmon....
just swimming upstream and and not getting anywhere.
i guess it doesnt help to have a 7 1/2 mth old
gaining speed by the minute.
so while away...
we went on many a walk along the bay

admiring boats,
picking up shells and driftwood,
and actually finding a starfish

picking flowers along the side of the road
(a quirk i will never grow out of...
a perfect bouquet is wild and whimsy)
enjoying lots of sweatshirt and jeans weather...
i mean it was really cold
eating one too many hippo cookie

treating ourselves to ice cream night after dinner
watching a few fireworks
before booking it back to the house
b/c it was too loud for miss rubes
making our way down to the beach for a misty
chilly birthday on the beach party...
surprise balls and all!
opening surprises

and but of course.
enjoying our very first pedicure.
blue was the color of choice.
HOpe all Had a Wonderful fun family filled 4th!
until next year!
soooo good to be back!

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