Tuesday, July 13, 2010

be happy

just a little craft i put together to hang in the house.
a little reminder that its ok
to be really tired.
ok to be overwhelmed unsure about things.
summer can be rough when you have little guys
and its unbearably hot outside.
so long days inside start to get to you after a while.
then you think, i should go somewhere. but where?
so you play imagine games with ruby.
we went to the movies, had popcorn and m and ms...
then to the beach for swim...
and followed this up with dress ups
and fake names.
and yet
i will say there have been a lot of
moments lately.
this little lady is just a bit firey these days,
still full of sweet moments
but we'll just say she has a strong will
and a strong stomping foot.
so i just will keep up this little reminder
for all those moments throughout the day when
the course of action is so unclear.
so funny how you grow up always thinking
mom's know just exactly what
needs to be done always.
they always have the right and perfect answer.
and then you grow up
and realize what was really going on all those years.

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