Wednesday, July 14, 2010


i need to go to 'LA' i think. some sort of lists makers annonymous for overusage of list making in the home.
too too many lists...
of blogs i like, things i like, books i'd like to read, all the things i need to get done and should be getting done but never do.
and then there are really problems when i make lists of lists or just rewrite them so they are more organized on better looking paper and then look pretty.
i could seriously just put together a book that is a collection of my lists.
i know. its a rediculous problem. the ones where i actually accomplish things and get to cross them off are indeed my favorite kind.
i used to think all that stuff on the list in college was intense. huh.


Sara said...

my grandma told me when I had Martin and Bridget that I should just sit in a chair and nurse the babies with these things at hand: phone, water/coffee, pen and paper... and make lists. Sometimes when you can't get anything done, you just have to make a list!

mamamchale said...

that is fabulous! i actually usually set up a nursing station next to a cozy chair or my bed right after bringing the babes home from the hospital. only other essential i would add is magazines or good books.

Everton Terrace said...

I once wrote on my list "make list of gifts to buy". I'm a manic list maker. You have lovely writing by the way.