Sunday, July 25, 2010

yellow balloon

the other day ruby and i spotted this yellow balloon
from her window upstairs.
it was stuck in a tree by the freeway
and most likely from some car dealership or bee themed
birthday party.
anyhow, we decided to go 'catch' it and enjoy a bit of outside
before it go too terribly hot.
balloons are a big hit around here
and as you can see provide some serious happiness.
we actually recently made a sweet tennis court
in the front room with painters tape
and blew up balloons for no reason.
have you ever tried balloon tennis?
it rocks.
just ask my brother pete.
gosh i wish the weather was nicer
so we could be outside more.
dec was so incredibly pumped about the slight drop in temp
that brought us outdoors.
much arm flailing indeed.
as an aside:
how hilarious is it when kids think you can't see
them b/c their eyes are closed?
ruby walked into the room the other day with closed eyes
and said something to the effect that i could not see her.
she is the imagination queen lately.
more on that later.

hope all had a fabulous and relaxing weekend.
monday here i come.

1 comment:

jack, lucy and finn said...

i think jack asks to play baloon tennis about 12 times a day. apparently he thinks my answer of "no its too hot on our back porch" will be different tomorrow. has he not been outside recently?????