Tuesday, July 27, 2010

this morning

so this is where ive been cooking
a la early am.
the downtown location.
best coffee you'll ever have in your life.
i promise.

try the pour over
if you are a hot coffee drinker
or the insane amazing clover.
just trust me on this one.

we're currently working on putting together
a more elaborate breakfast and lunch menu
and some other special touches...
but for now we have a daily tarte and quiche, as well as
don't you worry burritos.

this morn:
tarte...carmelized apple.red onion.bacon and honey creme fraiche.
quiche...spinach.mushroom and chive.
deelisha roo skee.

all in all its good to be back in the kitchen
even if its a rough go getting up,
im diggin it.