Thursday, April 28, 2011


belated 4 year anniversary to us.

last week we spent a lovely morning visiting the farm
i love that place. i always feel like i am getting away
from it all when i go there.
and then it helps that i hold a sweet memory 
of my first visit there being with my dad, 
who took me for lunch there; 
picnic tables and baskets of delicious sandwiches.
some memories just stick with you forever.
i highly recommend the cowboy eggs we had; 
chili, fried eggs, toast...yum.
we loved it. the kids loved wandering, and i held back 
from helping myself to cutting some chamomile and 
other various beautiful flowers in maya's garden.
do go.

ps. that second photo is of snow white of course, 
in case you were wondering.
she is full of drama.

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