Tuesday, April 26, 2011

railroad revival tour.

with mumford and sons in the line up ed was 
determined to find a way to make it to this show
we mutually decided it would be a great way to 
celebrate our 4 yr. anniversary
and since our kids love love good music
we thought we'd give it a whirl.

the setting was pretty ideal...
on the train tracks, a rocky field and the 
general feeling that you were at a fair 
that happened to have the happiest dance worthy 
music line up. 
you could say we had a bit of fun.
ruby rocked out, looked for friends in the crowd, 
and slurped on a snow cone.
declan danced, played with rocks, passed out in the 
stroller and woke up later only to be held and rocked
while occasionally waking to kick his legs to a good song.

so after a good show, sewing clothes for the kids, 
cooking food and a few other Easter preps, 
i guess you can see why i was a little tired.
all worth it...and i'd do it again.
nothing better than that feeling of getting 
lost in a good song you love and just dancing like
you do not care...good to just let go
every once in a while.

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Sush said...

What a memory for your family you've created! Simply lovely, Ms Simple Pleasures! I do so enjoy your postings and your families'!