Monday, May 2, 2011

paint party.

decided these chairs on the ends of the kitchen 
table {aka. farm table}
should be a fun color.
had this tealish turquoise lying around, 
and so for some reason i thought i'd let the kids help.
it started out with ruby painting her doll house pink; 
a whole lotta pink i'll say...gobs and gobs.
she got bored i guess and moved onto some deep 
concentrated chair painting.
this is when dec chimed in and decided he no longer 
cared about getting it all over him and spent quite a while
dedicatedly painting the chair until he gave up and 
started giggling as he began to paint his leg.
and that is when the gig was up. 
not so much fun scrubbing it off, but boy do the chairs
look fun and happy. 
why is painting so fun? or is that just me and my kids?

i'll try to get a good shot in, 
ahem, move all the stuff that is usually around 
here and there and attempt to fit the pic into me 
small lens and see what happens.
dont hold your breath.

1 comment:

Sara said...

wow, you sure are a nice mom. I would never let my kids paint like that! I'm more in Emily's camp of not even allowing play-dough most of the time!