Tuesday, April 12, 2011

finally finished.

so i finally finished putting the collar on this dress the other day.
now just getting the guts to wear my little homemade number. 
i am always paranoid someone is going to notice its crazy 
imperfections. oh well, its just a fun church dress anyhoo.


jack, lucy and finn said...

love it!
when should i come over so you can take my measurements and get to work on one for me?

Mary Weisse said...

super cute. I love anything with yellow polka dots. put me down for an order too.

Bevburch said...

What is the black trim. Is it surged or a sewn on trim. Love it I'll take one too. GG

Hood Canal Gal said...

ADORABLE! Nice work! Wish I could sew something other than (not so) straight lines.

Sush said...

Ooo la la c'est magnifique! or as they say here in the South: Dang Gurl, how precious is that!

mamamchale said...

the black trim is 'piping'. a new discovery for me. fun stuff and luckily they happened to have it at sas. it is kind of like bias tape but with a pipe on the edge...thus piping. thanks for all the sweet comments!