Sunday, April 17, 2011

i am kind of like fraulein maria.

 who knew that stripey ikea fabric that graced the table
at declan's first birthday would become so useful.
first it was aprons for the craft fair,
 and now a fancy window booth....
originally made for movie night, 
and now just generally anything: restaurant...movies...
'declan's general store', ie. handing me everything in the 
cleaning closet he can reach as fast as he can, and finding 
it all very humorous.

and now this pic i am sure is a result of her admiration 
for my sister em's work in the modeling business.
they do catch on so young.

and for inquiring minds, this was really easy to make.
you just have to be as skilled as maria and also have a large
piece of fabric on hand; i am thinking an old sheet would 
i hope your weekend was super dooper as was ours.
i may have created the worlds largest pile of dishes 
ever unfortunately...pancakes...museli for tomorrow...
stewed strawberry and rhubarb....puff pastry...sauteed spinach....
and thats not all. 
you could say i felt like making a lot of food today.

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sew nancy said...

that is very cute. i like this idea