Wednesday, April 27, 2011

a happy easter.

it was a rather perfect kind of day; 
the kind of day you are sad to see go,
the kind where little ruby asks:
'i want to go to easter again'.
yes, me too.

the weather was gorgeous and slightly windy.
our church had an outdoor service which was 
such a blessing for the little guys (and us of course).
there were oodles of good eats,
happy kids hunting for eggs and throwing eggs; 
a bit of confusion on ruby's part as to how to do 
confetti eggs...
she just kept throwing it over my moms head
and then throwing hard boiled eggs in the same fashion.
i know, confusing.
and there were even boats and wooden crosses
to pretty relaxing to sit and sew in the grass
with family. 
a little swimming, some cupcakes even, 
and later on we were blessed with even more fun
meeting up with the mchale fam at a hotel for 
more swimming and cousin fun.
i do feel so blessed by amazing people
all around me. 
hope your Easter's were just as lovely.

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