Monday, October 11, 2010

guilty pleasure

donuts after sunday mass are up there in my top faves.
we've only been a handful of times
but please do yourself a favor and skip dunkin
if donuts are your sort of thing
and try out this gem.
you will thank me later.
glazed and coconut are my favorite flaves.

and then you can take some fun family photos
with the lime green back drop right?
{im thinking maybe this is perfect...
we're already dressed up anyhow
so it could kind of work out}
and by the way; thanks mom for those knees.

1 comment:

Sush said...

I love your posting on doughnuts after Church. When my kids were little it was the highlight of going to Mass. Once, when the reader was reading from the bulletin read, "And doughnuts will be served in room 101A after Mass", my youngest son shouted out, "DOUGHNUTS...OH BOY...let's go"! The entire congregation broke out in laughter...
Glad to know the tradition survives in another household.
I really enjoy your blog...I'm probably your Mom's age but I have five kids of my own and ya'll seem close in age to my kids. We all do family blogs also. Such fun!