Wednesday, October 6, 2010

personality house

a while back ed was talking to ruby about having a lot of
not sure how exactly the conversation went
but it ended on the funny note that
'yes, this house is full of personality....'
and thus dubbed 'the personality house.'
every once in a while ruby will bring it up.
all i can say is that she amazes me daily over and over
with the things she says, and yet i find it hard to retell many of them
considering they are nothing without her personal body lauguage:
the eye brow lifts, hand movements, general excited outbursts in volume.
i could go on and on.
the following photos are witness to just some of the funny
moments throughout the day.
what is with the umpaloompa pose?
i guess the 'party' hats did it to her.
{side note. party hats made from the template printed
so kindly on whole foods grocery bags!}

and dare i say,
this little guy is clearly not going
to dissapoint in the personality dept.

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