Monday, October 25, 2010

oh mondays...

you do exhaust me so.
or wait, i guess everyday does,
but there is always that expectation about
i am going to get so very much done today.
i'll finish all the laundry,
the dishes will not pile up today,
i'll wake up early to go run and bake cupcakes
before the kids wake up,
i'll get some crafting done,
i'll find time to have quality conversation over a cheap beer
with my husband,
i'll look at that ever growing to-do list and check some stuff off of it.
and then mondays
draw to a close
and i laugh at my incredibly high over achievements
as they have once again been slightly bottled up for
yet another 'next monday.'
life sure is funny when it just laughs in your face
and you just have to accept it.
luckily there is some chocolate and an ice cold beer waiting for me.
yes, beer and chocolate go well together.
or maybe chocolate and just about anything.
happy belated monday to you and yours.


Sara said...

or beer and just about anything!

Laura said...

Beer and smores! My favorite!